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09-07-2007, 07:15 PM
Just want to wish everybody all the best in Iron Bridge -- my best especially to Jerry and Barb Y. (really hope one of your dogs makes finals) -- to Lee W. (live the dream) -- to Gar C., Dennis V., Jim L., and all other Amateurs (my hopes go with you) -- and to our Ontario pros (Chuck D. with almost half the field???, Dan D., Kevin C., Dave T., Allan H., and Donnie L.) hope this is great National too

09-11-2007, 07:20 PM
In behalf of my friend Daniel and i , we wish good luck to Sherwin Scott with Seaside's One to Many (Ralph) and Greg McInnis with Moira River Maddy. We both have pups from these dogs and we are totaly amaze by the talent.

Good luck again



Dave Kress
09-12-2007, 05:32 PM
The folks to the North have done a very nice job with the 2007 National Open. From the opening cermony to the organization of the event it has been well done.

The area around Iron Bridge is very beautiful and the test sites have been perfectly set up. I regret that i could only stay for the first day as i have this job thing but I hope to be back to see the end.

Well done Northern Onterio Retriever Club
Dave Kress

09-15-2007, 07:53 AM
My Mom made it to the 7th!!!!!


We're proud :D :D :D !

The Babe

Miriam Wade
09-15-2007, 08:31 AM
My Mom made it to the 7th!!!!!


We're proud :D :D :D !

The Babe

Woohooo!! Go Medie & Silk!! :)


Wayne Dibbley
09-17-2007, 09:55 AM
Congrats Chuck, way to go Kevin Cheff, Barb and Jerry Younglove, and to the Magnussens!!!!

All the best

Wayne Dibbley


22. NFTCH FTCH Big Gun’s Big Chill, BLF,

Owner, Murray Murphy. Handler, Chuck Dygos


1. Nine-Eleven, LM, Owners, Ronald and Leona Modesto. Handler, Chuck Dygos

7. Candlewoods Lil Smokin Tequilla, LF, Owner, Breck Campbell. Handler, Breck

10. FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Justin Time’s Zoe’s Nine-One-One, BLF, Owners, Jerry and Barbara Younglove. Handler, Barb Younglove

11. FTCH AFTCH R.P.M. Xena, BLF, Owners, Roger and Pat Magnusson. Handler, Chuck Dygos

19. FTCH AFTCH Pilkington’s Casper of Mt. Granite, YLM. Owner, Gerry Burmaster. Handler, Kevin Cheff

21. Mayfly’s Lumpy, BLF, Owners Jerry and Barbara Younglove, Handler, Barb Younglove.

32. FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Sally’s South Paw, BLM, Owner Jim Dorobek. Handler, Kevin Cheff

39. NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Prairiemarsh Madness, BLM, Owners Dennis Voight and Fiona McKay. Handler, Dennis

45. FTCH AFTCH Gahonk’s Ain’t He Handy, YLM, Owner, Larry Anderson. Handler, Dave Thompson

53. FTCH AFTCH Blackwatch Son of a Gunn, BLM, Owner, C.L. Perkins. Handler, Charlie Perkins

58. R U Ruff E’Nuff, LM, Owner, Les Tippett. Handler, Allan Haggerty

63. FTCH R.P.M. Forger, BLM, Owners, Roger and Pat Magnusson. Handler, Chuck Dygos

69. FTCH R.P.M. Anvil, BLM, Owners, Richard and Beverly Davis. Handler, Chuck Dygos

09-17-2007, 11:24 AM
Congrats to Chuck, Murray and Diana and of course ICE.

Also congrats to Breck for being a finalist.