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: TN Hunt Tests

09-28-2007, 12:26 PM
Friends -

Several calls this week regarding the AKC Hunt Tests in TN this fall so I thought I would summarize:

1) Mid-South (Memphis) canceled their fall HT, not Middle TN (Nashville).

2) MTARC (10/13 - 10/14) closes next Tuesday (October 2nd) on Entry Express. We ARE a Master National Club. We will be having a Single Master and Double Junior and Senior. Since our weekend is also the second weekend of the Master National, entries will probably be smaller (than May) and should be a very pleasant weekend for judges, exhibitors, and workers.

3) ETRC (Sweetwater) IS holding a HT, but at a new location in Spring City, TN. Their premium list is now up on Entry Express and is the weekend after Middle TN (10/20 - 10/21).

4) Yes, it is still very dry here and water is not great. But, while all water may not be swimming water, the dogs will get wet.

Look forward to seeing those of you not at the Master National. Good luck to all exhitibors running fall events!

10-03-2007, 08:25 AM
Wow, entries to the MTARC fall HT are quite surprising (having to split the Master AND Senior). We have not had this many dogs at a fall event in years, especially in Master. I am thinking there are several reasons for this but two main ones:

1) Mid-South canceling their fall HT.
2) Central AR is having a D/Q this fall instead of a hunt test which would normally be the same weekend as ours and would get a lot of these entries.

We are going to have to do some maneuvering of judges and adding some to the panel, so anyone out there available next weekend, please let me know. Those of you entered, thanks for your anticipated cooperation next weekend.