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: critically examining DVD's

12-12-2007, 08:32 PM
is anyone prepared to have a go at critiqueing the current retriever training DVD's on the market.I think i own most of the well known ones and although I enjoyed watching all of them I felt some were alot better than others.
Undoubtedly my favourites are the Evan Graham series which are head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.I particularily liked the 2 transition DVD's.Evan is an excellent presenter and comes across with a warmth and clarity that is lacking in others. The production is first class and continues to improve although that is not a criteria that I consider important. Content is of primary importance and with his combination of demonstrations and graphics it is easy to grasp exactly what he means.
Parts that i enjoyed the most were
the expo on the KRD's (but would like to see more examples)
BB blinds ( beautifully presented)
cheating singles on transition 2 with Evan coaching the lady with the golden was fasinating to watch Evan help get the golden off the first close point but difficult to see the rest of the setup although it was well explaned .Evan can you do more of this on transition 3. can I suggest that you find a piece of downhill terrain to film on much like Mike Lardy uses in his cheating singles analysis in "lardy transition.".Also the land diagonal drill would be easier to dissect if it was filmed on more appropriate terrain.
having said all that I consider Evans transition 1 and 2 DVD's absolutely ground breaking in terms of detail and depth of content.I eagerly await transition 3.I also hope Evan will one day tackle case studies and maintenance.does anyone else have a wish list??

12-14-2007, 01:27 AM
Wish list.....another US visitor.

Stoney, if I may be so bold....Evan I have a question. In the first transition DVD, the two black dogs, on the wagon wheel, one dog named Buzz, had a very busy mouth. Were you concerned? I noticed later in the production his mouth seemed better.

01-04-2008, 10:16 PM
Buzz was/is still young and excitable. His mouth habits have been a work in progress, but have become more and more stable, even when excited. It just took some time for him.

You know how it is; they're all individuals. ;)