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: Bear Branch Series 2

Mike Perry
02-09-2008, 05:38 AM
Simulated pheasant hunt.
Handler and judges walk to the line with dog at heel and handler with a gun and 3 shells. On the way to the line a rooster is thrown right to left at 40 yards. Handler stops and shoots. Left mark immediately at 175 yards across a pond another right ot left angle back, handler shoots. In line with first bird and at 100 yards another rooster right to left in heavy cover.
Pick up these 3 in any order. Basically a walk up triple mark. Only one dog broke out of 40.
Put down the gun and continue forward and a live hen is launched from a winger from the front left of the handler and dog. Bird is not shot and as the hen flys away yhrough the test, a live flyer at 200 yards and past the 2 in lines is shot. Pick up the flyer.
Blind is set up with a dry pop on the way back from the flyer and run about 80 yards to the left of the flyer at 200 yards.
Some had trouble with the left mark as it is angle in and out of the pond. Dogs that held a true line got to AOF and dug it out. Lots of handles on this bird.
Fly away hen was not much problem.
Results after 2 a little later.

02-09-2008, 08:21 AM
Anyone have results on the 2nd series of the Bear Branch Invitational?