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: Copiah Creeks Ms. Ducks Dog Challenge 5-3-08

02-22-2008, 10:06 PM
Here we go...........

Copiah Creek’s 1st Annual Ms. Ducks Dog Challenge
Charity Event Benefiting Catch-A-Dream.Org
Sponsored by

Date: Saturday, May 3 – All day event

Location: Crystal Springs, Ms.

Directions: From Jackson MS take I-55 south to exit 72 (North Crystal Springs Exit), this is hwy 27, go left (east) under the interstate go to 4-way stop, this is hwy 51, go straight 9 miles to Hopewell road and follow signs.

This is a Charity Event and any and all profits from this event will benefit Catch-A-Dream which grants once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences to children 18 years old or younger who have a life-threatening illness. http://www.Catch-A-Dream.Org

Format: We will have the following 5 stakes: Jr. Puppy, Sr. Puppy, Junior Dogs, Senior Dogs, and the BigDawgs. Each dog will receive two single marks to be retrieved consecutively at varied distances. Dogs shall be scored on each mark on a 0-10 scale. Top scoring dogs will advance to a second series. A final series will be run if necessary depending on number of entries. Puppy events will only have 2 series. All events may be cut to two series depending on the entry numbers and time or extended. Questions? Alan Sandifer at 601-540-5426 or Brian Carmody at 601-624-9449.

Pre-Registration: Strongly Encouraged - $25 per dog. Mail in form.
Day of Event Registration: (7am-8am) - $30 per dog.
*You may run more than one dog or move up a class and run more than one class. ($20 additional)
Questions concerning registration should be directed to: Mark Edwards – 228-217-6011

Event T-shirts will be given to each entry received. Additional will be available for purchase.
Hamburgers will also be available on site for purchase.

Schedule of events and Classifications:

Puppy Stakes– Puppies shall run first. Be prepared to run at 8:00am sharp.
Junior Puppies – Less than 6 months old– 2 single marks less than 30 yards.
Senior Puppies – 6 to 12 months old - 2 single marks less than 75 yards.
*Junior Pups and Senior Pups do not have to return to hand, but those that do will be scored higher. (By hand means deliver the bird to hand or within a designated area from the handlers release point which shall be determined by the judges...)

Older Dog Group
Junior Dogs (dogs older than 12 months) – 2 single marks less than 150 yards
Senior Dogs – 2 single marks less than 175 yards
BigDawg Challenge – 2 single marks less than 400 yards
BigDawg Monster Blind – less than 800 yards

Junior dogs should be prepared to run immediately following the Puppy Stakes, followed by the Senior dogs. The BigDawg Event will not start before 1:00pm but will start following the conclusion of the Senior dogs. There will be no entry fee for the BigDawg Monster blind if you paid for a previous entry.

**Started/Junior dogs must return the duck to the handlers sending area within a range specified by the judges.
***Distances may change due to very hot weather
****Depending on dog entries, each class will be cut after the first series, and then cut again if necessary after the second series, for the finals. These will be run consecutively in each class. (Puppy Classes will only run two series maximum.)

Open to all retrievers but must be owner/handled. Pro trainers are allowed to run their personal dogs.

This is a fun family style event designed to promote our love of retrievers. . Unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

All dogs must run in appropriate classification or a higher classification. Example: Junior dogs with titles OR passes will run in the Junior Dog Group or higher.

Junior dogs must not have a Seasoned/Senior pass.
Senior dogs must not have a Finished/Master pass.
BigDawgs: Open to all dogs.
BigDawg Monster Blind: Open to all dogs (no entry fee)

All dogs should be under control (leash) at all times and should be in crates when not participating.

Mark distances listed above are a maximum. One of the marks will be shorter and follow acceptable HRC distances for class of dog. Expect the other mark to be very challenging, long, or both. Distances may be extended depending on each series performance.

All dogs must be brought to the line on lead. Puppies and Junior dogs may be held at the line by the collar. All other dogs must NOT have collars and can not be held at the line. Senior and BigDawgs shall be steady at the line.

At the judge’s discretion, controlled breaks will be allowed, but will be penalized to some degree. Uncontrolled breaks are automatic pick ups. Dogs will be given a reasonable time to hunt marks, but judges will ask for dog to be picked up after a long hunt, or extended out of fall area hunt. (This includes puppies as well.) Judges will score each dog on each mark on a scale of 0-10. Dog’s being handled on marks will be asked to be picked up. All judges’ decisions are final. Judges will explain scoring/rules in detail before each event starts.

This event will be run similar to a real hunt test. Dogs shall be prepared to wait in a holding blind before running. THERE WILL BE NO SHOOTING AT THE LINE. Attention shots will be fired in the field.

Awards for each of the 5 classes and a special prize for the BigDawg Monster Blind.
1st Place – Trophy and prize.
2nd Place – Plaque and prize
3rd Place – Plaque and prize

Alan Sandifer – 601-540-5426
Brian Carmody – 601-624-9449
Rick Daughtry – 601-529-7141
Mark Edwards - 228-217-6011

Committed Sponsers and Prize Donors:

Avery Outdoors

Waterdog Supply

It will be a blast........official entry information....