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: Training in the Timber Roster Updates...

Wildfowl Adventures
02-28-2008, 05:33 PM

Thanks so much for the emails! It was awesome sitting here watching my inbox "blow up" over the last 16 or so hours. It is nothing short of awesome....the amount of interest and folks wanting to participate. Unfortunately, there will be some folks that emailed late, or at least later then some, that aren't going to make it. I wish everyone could come, I really do. So where do we stand?

As of 5:30pm CDT:

Started - 2 spots left
Transition - FULL
Advanced - FULL

I have talked to Tackett and we will make the trainer assignments when we get there. Therefore, please don't ask who will be training with each group because I honestly don't know. That will be up to the slightly overweight (albeit pretty) boy from Texarkana.