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: Hidden Pines HRC Test June 7 & 8

05-13-2008, 11:20 PM
Hidden Pines
Hunting Retriever Association
Dear Hunting Retriever Enthusiasts,

Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever Association invites you and your dog(s) to participate in our 2008 Spring U.K.C. Licensed back-to-back hunt test on Saturday June 7th and Sunday June 8th, 2008. We will be using excellent hunting grounds located just east of Cheyenne, WY.

ALL ENTRIES WILL CLOSE ON THE DAY OF THE HUNT. Entries will be accepted up to the day of the hunt; however, to be listed in the catalog your entry must be received by May 25th 2008. Your dog must be U.K.C. registered no later than 60 days after passing to receive Championship points.

ENTRIES: The entries are limited to the number listed on the premium. If the entry is sent express mail or overnight mail, make sure that a signature is NOT required for delivery. Running order will be determined by a drawing. The head marshall will preference running order on Sunday for attendees with more than four hours travel time.

SCRATCH POLICY: There will be no refunds for “NO SHOWS.” Only injuries and bitches in season are entitled to a refund with verification signed by a veterinarian.

Puppy Stake/future hunters will be held just before the Saturday evening social; the entry fee is $5.00. This stake is run for fun and will not earn UKC points. Puppies will be allowed to sign up the day of the hunt but if you wish you and your dogs name to be printed in the catalog, please submit a premium.

Check In: Sign in will begin at 6:30 a.m., and handlers and safety meeting will begin at 7:00a.m.

Clothing and Gear: All participants MUST wear hunting attire. Hip boots/waders along with a duck call may be required in all levels of tests. Rain gear is suggested for our fast changing weather. Please come prepared.

Hunt Grounds: The hunt will be held on Hidden Pines training grounds. We are excited to use these grounds so please treat them as if they were your own. Smoking only in designated areas and no alcohol on test grounds. You will find written directions to Hidden Pines Hunt grounds at the end of this letter.

Saturday Evening Social: Join us for a BBQ dinner at The Historic Wyoming Herford Ranch. You will have a chance to meet new friends, renew old friendships, share a few good hunting stories, and have a good time. Join us around 6:30p.m. Don’t miss the puppy stake! Please select the number of dinners you require. There will also be a gun raffle, prizes and dog/sportsman equipment.

*Non-HRC Member Owners of dogs participating at the Seasoned, Finished will be charged an additional $5.00 fee per day. Non-UKC registered dogs are charged $3 per entry for each day.

Accommodations: See below I do encourage you to make your reservations early.

~Holiday Inn ~La Quinta Inn ~Sleep Inn off Campstool Rd.
1-307-638-4466 1-307-632-7117 1-307-638-8891
Exit 362 Exit 9 Exit 367

Both the Holiday Inn and La Quinta Inn accept dogs, but may charge a fee. Sleep Inn is the closest to the test grounds, as it is on the same exit. There may also a discount for mentioning Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever Association. A limited number of rooms have been set aside, but please call and reserve your room(s), as they will be released after June 1st to the public.

~KOA ~WYO Camp
8800 Archer Frontage Rd. I-80 Service Rd.
1-307-638-8840 1-307-547-2244
Exit 367 Campstool exit off I-80 Exit 377 Hillsdale exit off I-80

Directions to Hidden Pines Hunting Grounds:

From Denver, CO approximately 100 miles North on I-25 take exit 8D to Omaha on I-80 East bound. Follow I-80 approximately 7.6 miles to Exit 367 Campstool exit. Take Campstool exit and turn right at stop sign. Follow pavement approximately 5 miles east. Follow signs, Hidden Pines Grounds will be on your left hand side and clearly marked.

From North Platte, NE approximately 220 miles west on I-80 take exit 367 (Campstool exit). Take Campstool exit and turn left at stop sign. Follow pavement approximately 5 miles east. Follow signs, Hidden Pines Grounds will be on your left hand side and clearly marked.

Get your entries in early and make your lodging reservations now. If you have any questions, call Melissa Liesenfeld at 1-307-634-9114.

Hunt Schedule and Entry Fees
Safety Meeting and check in 7:00 a.m.
Started 7:30 a.m. Saturday June 07, 2008 $40.00
Seasoned 7:30 a.m. Saturday June 07 2008 $50.00
Finished 7:30 a.m. Saturday June 07, 2008 $60.00
Puppy 6:00p.m. Saturday June 07, 2008 $5.00

Sunday Hunt Schedule and Entry Fees
Safety Meeting and check in 7:00 a.m.
Started 7:30 a.m. Sunday June 08, 2008 $40.00
Seasoned 7:30a.m. Sunday June 08 2008 $50.00
Finished 7:30a.m. Sunday June 08 2008 $60.00

**A 3.00 fee is charged of Non UKC registered dogs per dog per day
**A 5.00 charge per day is also charged for non HRC members in Seasoned and Finished flights

United Kennel Club Championship Points
5 point certificate toward championship in started
10 point certificate toward championship in seasoned
15 point certificate toward championship in finished
Rosette Ribbons awarded in all hunts

Hunt Headquarters
Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever Training Grounds
Cheyenne, WY

Hunt Veterinarian – Cheyenne Pet Clinic (307) 635-4121

*Social Saturday June, 7th 2008- $10 adults and $5 children under 12.
I have included ________for _____adult social and _____for children under 12.
*I also am submitting $________ for entry fees

I wish to enter in: Please check all that apply:
Saturday Sunday
Started _________ Started __________
Seasoned _________ Seasoned __________
Finished _________ Finished __________
Puppy __________

Name of Dog_______________________________________________ __________
Dogs call name___________________________HRC Points___________________
UKC Registration Number*_________________________Date of Birth__________
Breed__________________________Color______________ ______Male/Female
Sire______________________________________________ ___________________
Dam_______________________________________________ _________________
Breeder___________________________________________ ___________________
NAME OF REGISTERED OWNER______________________________________
Owners Address___________________________________________ ____________
City_______________________________State__________ ____Zip_____________
Phone(______)_____________________________________ ___________________
Owners HRC Number*_______________Home Club_________________________

Name of Handler___________________________________________ ___________
Address (if different from above) Street
Street____________________________________________ ___________________
City_______________________________State__________ ______Zip___________
"I certify this dog's immunization is current & has no communicable disease - i.e.
Kennel Cough. FURTHER, I agree NOT to hold the landowner(s) responsible for loss of property, damage or injury incurred during this event. HRC, UKC and the host Club are NOT responsible for loss, accident or theft, and further assume no
responsibility for any damage or injury sustained by the handlers, or to any of
their dogs or property and further assume no responsibility for injury to children
not under the control of their parents or guardians.
Signature of Registered Owner or Handler Duly Authorized to Make This Entry (Please read Release of Liability below before signing)

__________________________________________________ __________________

Release of Liability
I agree NOT to hold Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever or the landowner(s) responsible for Loss pf property, damage or injury incurred during this event.
Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.
Member Application
Name______________________________________________ _________________
Address___________________________________________ __________________
City___________________________State______________ ______Zip___________
Telephone (H) __________________________ (W) ___________________________
Email_____________________________________________ __________________
Are you a member of any retriever club? YES____________NO____________
Retriever club names and address_________________________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________

Hidden Pines
Hunting Retriever Association
June 07, 2008 Licensed Hunt
June 08, 2008 United Kennel Club Licensed Regular Hunt
Hunt Location
Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever training grounds
Cheyenne, WY

This hunt held under the rules of Hunting Retriever Club and United Kennel Club
MELISSA LIESENFELD (Hunt test secretary)
P.O. BOX 20664
1 (307) 634-9114 BATTLEMTN@MILLECT.COM

No Refunds on Scratches without veterinarians’ certificate!!
*Entries will be limited to (8) dogs per handler
*No hunting retriever may compete in two different categories per licensed hunt (one entry per dog)
*Entries will close on the 40th entry received in started
*Entries will close on the 25th entry received in seasoned
*Entries will close on the 25th entry received in finished

Hunt Chairman-Fred Lysinger Hunt Marshall-Kevin Vancleave
Gun Captain-Larry Hudson Bird Steward-Terry Bridwell
Hunt Secretary-Melissa Liesenfeld

05-14-2008, 01:30 PM
Hey Dave,

Looks like you guys found new grounds - sweet....if I wasn't running a trial that weekend I would probably venture that way.....it would be good to see everyone from the old NAHRA days....