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: WTB 2 hole dog box

08-21-2008, 10:24 AM
Looking for a 2 hole dog box. Got 2 labs, 1 about 75# and the other about 55#.
Getting a tacoma so it must fit in small pickup. Trying to determine size and brand to buy. Would like top storage but not a must if it sits up too high in truck bed.
I like the idea for the dogs laying down but want to make sure its not too cramped to lay down too. Probably will have to have box shipped so hard to try them out first.
Any good or bad experiences with any of these brands or sizes.?

This is what I've narrowed search to:

Unique Truck Accessories-top storage box. DB4042T 40 x 42 x 25 1/2 ($650)

Dee Zee Aluma Sport (no storage). 38 x 32 x 24 ($500)

Hunter's Pride (wire-dog-crates.com -JCB3322TS 38" 38" 22"dog compartment 19"x38"x17"($600)