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: Next Weekend's SCRA -Brazos Valley Trial is still on!

Jan Helgoth
09-13-2008, 03:51 PM
The SCRA - Brazos Valley (TX) Field Trial next weekend (9/19-21) is still on! We survived Hurricane Ike quite well (never even lost power) with only a few downed trees and big limbs which will not interfere with the trial. The roads are clear and the ponds are full and a lot cooler now!
One thing you might want to consider is calling your hotel on Wednesday (let them get over panic-mode) and verify with them that they don't have any trouble with evacuees that are refusing to leave. If you are worried about your hotel reservation, we do have places to park self-contained Travel Trailers both at the property next to Vinwood and at the Helgoth ranch.
We still plan to see you all here!:)

Jan Helgoth
09-17-2008, 10:16 PM
Update Wed 09/17: Power in the surrounding areas is slowly coming back on. Today most of Conroe, Madisonville, Hearne, Caldwell all came back on. Navasota has not yet but we are hoping it will tomorrow. College Station and Bryan never lost power. If you planned to stay in Navasota, I would get a back-up in one of the other mentioned towns. If you are looking for nice, I heard that Messina Hof Winery has rooms as does the Hilton in College Station. Madisonville should have rooms as their hotels have been empty since last weekend. You just need to call around. We are thankful that all of our Judges have checked in as "Survivors".

Jan Helgoth
09-18-2008, 02:40 PM
Update Thursday, 9/18: All towns within a 35 mile radius of the Field Trial now have power including Navasota and Montgomery/Conroe. Most hotels cancelled weekend reservations yesterday but I called my hotel where the Judges are staying this morning and reinstated those reservations. At first they told me "No" because they do not have Cable TV yet, but I told them that I did not care as long as they had water and electricity which they do. They did reinstate my reservations for Friday and Saturday be persistant and you will have a hotel close to the trial.
Our high was only 80 degrees today and we are scheduled for a cool weekend with clouds but no rain in the forecast. We could not ask for better weather! See you there!:D