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: POINTING LAB Seminar in WA -- Head Count

Doc E
01-18-2009, 09:02 AM
There is a good possibility that we will have a Julie Knutson Pointing Lab Seminar at Burlington Ranch (Chewelah WA) the last weekend of June (27 - 28).

If (right now) you are an honest 90+% sure you would attend, PM me.

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Hereís how I handle these things generally because I donít do them to maximize profit. I donít care how many people come, but there is generally only time for 12 upland dogs. Often people can bring their dog out for a demonstration in obedience or force fetch type stuff, of whoa, folks love to watch that but 12 upland is going to take a great deal of Sunday.

I donít dictate much except: 1. number of dogs to do upland work; 2. Saturday begins with general discussion sans canines, dogs have to be in crates or out of the way. Then there will be more discussion of the Ďtool buildingí obedience, force fetch, bird work, whoa stuff, collar conditioning. Dogs are used when available and necessary to illustrate points or show how to work through a problem. After that is complete, we do whatever hands on work with dogs people like, including handling stuff if there is time or interest. Interestingly, few PL folks get that far so thatís always a short section. If time allows, we set up appropriate marks and blinds for those wishing to run them or learn about setting them up. Folks are often brain numb by this time. 3. Sunday we review and answer questions stemming from Saturday, then we begin doing upland work by talking about that personís problems or issues, then working in the field and then coming back and discussing it with the audience. This requires visibility when the dog is in the upland field so weíre all on the same page. 4. On the completion of upland work, if time allows, we review anything anyone wants, including going back to the basic stuff (of which at this point they begin to see the relevancy).