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: WC Tests for Toller, Golden & Flat Coat (Texas)

01-26-2009, 08:59 PM
2nd Annual Texas Toller Two Step

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA) is hosting working certificate tests on March 21st & March 22nd in Madisonville, TX. All four levels (BRT/WC/WCI/WCX) will be offered for Tollers, and WC/WCX is offered for Goldens and FCRs.

The premium is available at http://nsdtrc-usa.org/events.htm#Club%20Events
Entries Close March 11th, 2009

Please come out and join us!

Update 03/2009. Unfortunately the club chair has announced that the test has been changed to Tollers only.

Rodger Armstrong
01-26-2009, 09:11 PM
I would like to remind all Golden owners, that if you run the test and pass GRCA will not recognize the test unless the test has been pre-approved by the GRCA WC/WCX Regional Rep.
Rodger Armstrong
Chairman GRCA WC/WCX Committee