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: remote release winger

02-03-2009, 09:59 PM
Sorry for reposting the thread. I accidentally posted it in the classifieds before.

I am still trying to decide on the best choice for a launcher remote release system. I have reviewed the multiple threads comparing the dogtra and tritronics. However, it appears that the models have been updated and addressed some of the previous issues and bumper boy also has a new system.

I would like to kow if anyone has any comments on the new models and suggestions on best price location ( i have reviewed gun dogs online, gundogsupply, huntemup, and dogs afield).

1. dogtra rr deluxe (this year model). has beep and mallard call standard. has the option of adding an additional external speaker.

2. tritronic pro G3. people mentioned the big problem with this unit in previous years was the lack of sound and possibly range. the new unit has 10 different sounds (although several of them are very similar) and range of 700 yards. no ability to add external speaker.

until recently, I had thought strongly about the dogtra. however, the tritronics seems to have improved significantly and physically appears more durable (ie: antenna).

3. bumper boy remote release rx. they have released a receiver unit to run zinger wingers, gunners up, bumper boys etc. the major benefit would be the ability to have a single remote to control bumper boys and wingers. the down side would be shorter range (probably 400 yards) and the need to buy external speaker if you want sound. the new receivers supposedly do work with the old transmitters. Supposedly, bumper boy has a new transmitter that can control 16 devices.... but i am not sure how this works since it still only has the 4 rows??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.