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: Advanced Handling Workshop with Carol Cassity - August 1-3, 2009 - Maxville, ON

02-11-2009, 06:54 AM
We are thrilled to announce an Advanced Handling Workshop with Carol Cassity on August 1-3, 2009 at Ambertrail Kennels, Maxville, ON.

This is an advanced handling seminar that will focus on improving your retriever handling skills and on refining the *team*, with a focus on the teamwork and communication that needs to happen between a dog and handler at the advanced level. Particular emphasis will be placed on your ability to read your dogís intentions and to respond appropriately and quickly; skills that will be instrumental in your success at hunt tests and field trials.

This workshop consists of hands on handling in actual hunt test conditions. There will be an opportunity to run multiple challenging set-ups each day, incorporating both land and water, each featuring a variety of training and handling challenges. Set-ups will be modified as needed with flexibility shown so each individual dog is challenged at their own level. Each handler will run their dog on each test and be critiqued. Handlers will be encouraged to treat each set-up like a real test, to try and simulate the level of excitement dogs and handler teams face at tests.

The seminar spans three days. Participant teams are very limited (10 dog/handler teams) and participants and their dogs will get *extensive* time in the field. Observers are encouraged and all attendees are urged to bring problems for discussion and to ask questions/raise issues for discussion throughout the seminar.

Carol has significant field training experience and is a UKC Finished judge. Carol has had great success with her Chessies (her girl Tally earned her first Finished pass at 22 months of age and was the first Chesapeake to achieve the Grand, Master and 500 point titles in the US). Carolís youngest Chessie, Daytona, finished her HRCH at 25 months and her MH at 2 Ĺ years old, passing seven out of eight tests. Her young golden Blitz earned his HRCH at 2 Ĺ years old and his MH title at 3.

Carol is the author of the newly expanded training manual: Building a Retriever: Drills For The Retriever Hunt Test Enthusiast, available at and This is an extensive compilation of drills for the hunting retriever and amateur trainer. These drills were chosen because of their direct relevance to the retriever hunt test program and the skills that are required to be successful in that program.

A limited entry WC/I/X test is being held by the Ottawa Valley Golden Retriever Club the evening before the seminar, on the seminar grounds.

For more information: (613) 989-6163 OR (Pamela).

Please feel free to crosspost this announcement to anyone you think might be interested. Hope to see some of you there.

02-11-2009, 09:30 AM
Why ya gotta do that all the way up in Canada? ;-) Carol's seminars are great!