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: New York Capital District Retriever Club

02-11-2009, 03:30 PM
Dear Fellow Retriever Enthusiast,
We have had elections of officers, adopted a Constitution, we are meeting regularly, have planned training sessions, planning a new Alan Pleasant seminar for summer 2009 and a sanction trial to help us on our way toward getting the club AKC sanctioned.

We are looking for new members. View the clubs webpage by clicking the link below:

Retriever Training Members,

I am a member of the club and must add that we have great grounds to train on and a good core group of people and dogs. Last year Bobby George of Blackwater Retrievers gave a great "transition training" seminar and I'm looking forward to this years seminar by Alan Pleasant.
Most of the dogs in the club Hunt, compete in Hunt Tests, some compete in field trials as well. Training sessions focus on concepts and apply to all dogs. It's a good group for dogs and handlers of all abilities and levels.

Newcomers are welcome and won't get yelled at "much" for throwing a bad mark, if yelled at they will be apologized to promtly. (I apologize for the bad joke, just want people to know we are out there to have fun and enjoy working with the dogs. I've been to too many events (dog and non-dog) where people forget it's supposed to be fun and we're supposed to attract new participants not scare them off.)

Checkout the webpage either way, there are some great training links and articles posted there as well as the club's information.