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: Paid my extortion today

Steve Amrein
03-04-2009, 12:57 PM
Just went up to city hall to pay the extortion for my license to do business in there city. 1064.91 this year. This is the same city that sent a bill for about 600 bucks when we called 911 for one of our employees that cut the tip of his finger off.

This city already gets a cut of property tax, sales tax, utility tax, and I am sure gets other stuff as well.

With all this stimulus spending why is it that I continue to pay more. What makes it even worse is that we are a forced accomplice as we actually collect taxes for these bass turds.

Last night some happy jack leg came by the office and said that with all the stimulus money the state is getting they are having to find ways to spend it and were offering some seminars for companies.

I originally felt as if Obama was pushing socialism and was to redistribute wealth. I take it back I am wrong. I feel that the so called peoples government only wants one thing and that is to increase it own size and power. BTW to all of you that are swooning over BHO its not a dig aimed at him its all of them, right or left the distinction of the 2 is barely distinguishable.

Marvin S
03-04-2009, 04:54 PM
You do realize that it's very expensive to retire government employees after 30, pay their other benefits & continue to support them in the style they have been accustomed to while on the government payroll. & if they so choose, they can become consultants as they have many years left to continue to harass the taxpaying public.

State of WA - Average public employee salary $29+K - Average private sector salary $17+K & we have many MSFTie's, Biotechie's & TBC in the private sector world Including Mr. Gates.