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: Why we Don't

Marvin S
03-09-2009, 01:12 PM
Donate to a lot of organizations where we may agree with their original mission - Bold is mine for emphasis. :)

A network of volunteer bird-watchers across North America has documented a significant northward & inland movement of the continent's bird species in response to Global Warming. according to a new report by the Audubon Society. Analysis of 40 years of bird sightings reveals that more than half of 305 bird species in North America are spending the winter about 35 miles further north than they did 40 years ago, the report says. While shifts in population among individuals bird species have been known to occur due to a variety of factors, Audubon says the shifts in wintering territory of around 177 species coincides with long term winter temperature increases where they have occurred. "Birds provide some of the best evidence for species responses to climate change, through their population size, distribution & timing of breeding & migration," said Stuart Butchart, Audubon's Global Research & Indicators Coordinator.

Any one seen a deforestation picture showing the population trends around urban areas? That would probably be a better explanation for this phenomena than having it attributed to GW.