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: Treasure Valley Hunting Retriever Club

03-15-2009, 10:26 AM
Hey guys

TVHRC with is in South West Idaho is having there AKC hunt test on April 4-5, We are also having a vet come and Draw Blood for EIC Saturday the 4th, at the hunt test. If anyone in interest Please p.m me.

This will save a lot of money for people. It should save around $ 50-60 dollars per dog.

It will be $65 for the fee
then $15 to draw blood
Then $5-10 on the shipping.

So it should cost about $80-85 dollars a dog.

You dog also has to be chipped or Tatooed.

I'm going to have the vet bring a bunch of chips just incase yoour dogs are not chiped but it will cost extra.

Thanks Chas