View Full Version : How about Chris Dodd?

Matt McKenzie
03-19-2009, 07:37 AM
One day he's on TV denying any involvement with the language that protects the bonuses. The next day he's on TV saying that he did it, but that "somebody in the Treasury dept." forced him to do it. You can't make this stuff up. For anyone who had their head in the sand about this guy, what more proof do you need that he's dirty?

Richard Halstead
03-19-2009, 08:54 PM
Barney Frank wants the names of those AIG employees, better yet get the names of those that received money from AIG and Fannie May etc. that gave money to Frank, Dodd and others then the companies needed bailout funds.

03-19-2009, 09:03 PM

M Remington
03-19-2009, 09:44 PM

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Patrick Johndrow
03-19-2009, 09:51 PM

liars and scumbags...lots of those seem to be going around these days...ran into a few myself this year. ;)

Lucky Seven
03-19-2009, 10:04 PM
Hey LIBERALS .... let's hear from you


Kevin Eskam
03-19-2009, 10:15 PM
I wonder if somebody could start a bill that states if you recieve a (bonus)oh sorry lobbyist money you should be taxed at 90% and fired and never are able to be a politician again? I guess washington would not exist!

03-20-2009, 09:55 AM
The worm has started to turn....


Getting those seats back in Republican hands might not be so difficult after all...;-)


03-20-2009, 12:28 PM
The resounding silence of the Ethics Committee is the most damning indictment of the whole "pattern of corruption" in Congress.

Sundown49 aka Otey B
03-20-2009, 08:14 PM
Are there a lot of rocks in Connecticut??? There has to be a bunch with a snake like Dodd as a senator. Are you all complacent?.If he is not swamped by his home people raising cane and DEMAND the truth from him.........Between Him, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank there will be nothing left for us in 2010.....they will have spent it all..........:mad::mad::mad:

03-21-2009, 07:49 AM
The resounding silence of the Ethics Committee is the most damning indictment of the whole "pattern of corruption" in Congress.

Well said. It's an oxymoron in that environment.

03-21-2009, 08:21 AM
Chris Dodd is finished in 2010 and I am sending $ up there to help make sure. Can't wait until the bonus recipients file lawsuits and threaten to take it to the higher court.