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: Death to Capitalism...

Keith Farmer
04-07-2009, 08:58 PM
The more one looks at the depth of the "crisis" the more that is unveiled about the schemes that have been underway for some time...the schemes to kill capitalism that is. Check this out for example:

Institutional reform to put “responsible agency” into effect as a foundational characteristic of social organization in global society in the 21st century would seem to be a good antidote to the practices that led to the global financial crisis (read capitalism). Responsible agency rests on the principles of transparency and accountability that underpin integrity and the restoration of trust and confidence in social life (Marxism) on which the health of the economy depends. If the demise of the Western model of capitalism leads to institutional reforms that promote a global culture of responsibility, it (capitalism's demise) will be a major step toward a sound global economy is built on solid social and cultural foundations (Marxism) (from this site:

Brookings was the main player evidently in the g20 summit. Brookings is headed up partially by this dude:

It appears (surprise-surprise) that the world outlook on "Western Capitalism" is one of disdain and that capitalism is viewed as the very cause of all the world's economic and social problems.