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: Missouri Spring Retriever Training Seminar

Ron McCord
04-07-2009, 09:47 PM

Club officers, could you please forward this announcement on to your members. Our club would really appriciate the help in getting the word out about what we feel is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Midway HRC
(Columbia, MO)
Spring Retriever Training Seminar
Featuring Dex Doolittle of Deer Creek Retrievers
Hands on problem solving and/or issue oriented training seminar.

Midway Hunting Retriever Club (Columbia, Missouri) is pleased to announce that we are hosting a training seminar by Dex Doolittle of Deer Creek Retrievers. Dex is well known and respected in the field trial world here in the Midwest and beyond. He trains retrievers for competition in field trail derby stakes as well as for the qualifying stakes. Dex began his 12 year professional retriever training career with Blackwater Retrievers and Bill Eckett. Dex started Deer Creek Retrievers 8 years ago and has recently relocated to Moberly Missouri.

The seminar will be a hands on seminar where 12 handlers will be invited to bring their dogs for the day so Dex can assist the handler find solutions for a specific issue or problem they are having with their dog. Other handlers will be able to attend the seminar and learn from the interaction between Dex, the retrievers and the handlers. We will choose among those who want to bring their dogs so that we can have as many different types of issues and problems for Dex to talk about. Date/time of entry and type of issue will determine who are invited to bring their retrievers and work one on one with Dex.

Those of you wishing to bring a dog will be asked to send an email to me explaining the issue you wish Dex to address so we can pick those dogs and handlers who will be invited to attend. Registration fee must be paid before handler and retriever will officially be invited to attend.

To register you must send me an email to: ronmccord@centurytel.net

Then you must send your full registration fee to our our Club Treasure: Louis Richter, 2450 W Dripping Springs Rd., Columbia, MO 65202.

If you have requested one of the twelve spots for handlers and dogs, and for any reason were not picked to bring your dog, you may choose to recieve a full refund (check returned) and not attend, or a partial refund and attend the seminar without your dog.

Date: JUNE 13TH, 2009
Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or until finished.
Location: Dex Doolittle’s Deer Creek Retrievers kennel and training grounds in Moberly Missouri.

Handler with dog…………………………….$100 Limited to 12 dogs with different issues
Attendee ……………………………………..$ 50 No limit
Spouse ………………………………………. $ 25

Lunch included in price.

Please address any questions to me at above email address or call me on my cell phone at: 573 - 239 - 0115
Thank you. Ron McCord, Midway HRC, Columbia, MO