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: Another gun owner alert.

Uncle Bill
04-23-2009, 09:51 AM
Our liberal friend from Yardley is so fond of stating the gun control nuts aren't getting any of their bills passed in Congress. Listen up,'s how they bypass Congress, and get the Obama agenda rolling.


Georgia Arms is the 5th largest retailer of .223 Ammo in America . (they sell 9 mm, .45, etc ammo)

They normally buy spent brass from the US Dept of Defense - 'one time used' shell casings by our Military - from training on Military bases, etc. They buy the brass and then re-load for resale to Law Enforcement,
Gun Shops, Gun Clubs, Wal-Mart, and etc.

They normally buy 30,000 lbs of spent brass at a time.

This week the DOD wrote a letter to the owner of Georgia Arms and said that from now on the DOD will be destroying the brass - shredding it. It is no longer available to the Ammo makers - unless they just buy it in a scrap shredded condition (which they have No use for). The shredded brass is NOW going to be sold by the DOD to China as scrap metal....after the DoD pays for it to be shredded. The DOD is selling the brass to China for less money than Ammo manufacturers have been the DOD has to pay to have the brass shredded and do all the accounting paperwork. That sure helps the US economy now, doesn't it? Sell cheaper to China - and do not sell shells at all to a proven US business. Any agenda working here???? Obama going after our ammunition!!!!!

The Georgia Arms owner even related a story that one of his competitors had already purchased a load of brass last week - and the DOD contacted him this week and said they were sending someone over to make sure it was destroyed. Shell Casings he had already bought! THE BRASS HAS NO VALUE TO THE AMMO MAKER IF IT IS DESTROYE D/SHREDDED/MELTED. THE AMMO MANUFACTURER ONLY USES THE EMPTY BRASS SHELLS TO RELOAD DIFFERENT CALIBERS - MAINLY .223 BULLETS. Georgia Arms owner says that he will have to lay off at least Half of his 60 workers, within 2 - 3 months if the DOD no longer sells their spent brass to him. He has 2 - 3 months inventory of shells to use. By summer - he's out. If he has to buy new manufactured brass shells, then the cost of ammunitioin to the buyer will double and Obama wants to add a 500% tax on each shell.

You can read the info and see the DOD letter to Georgia Arms here: (

04-23-2009, 10:07 AM
Actually UB...there was such an uproar from the gun/reloading community ... that directive was rescinded about the 16th of March and the sale of 'small' arms brass has been reinstituted. Score one for the good guys.

Uncle Bill
04-23-2009, 10:31 AM
Nice to hear the 'good guys' can still "uproar" eh?


04-27-2009, 11:17 PM
Like a counter-surfing dog, they'll wait 'till they are sure nobody's looking and do it again.

04-27-2009, 11:45 PM
Check this out it was only for a week.

There is no proposed 500% tax on ammunition and frankly by the time that pro gunners are done circulating these fake e-mails the antis will have little left to do.

I am already paying 20.00 a box for .40 that just last year cost me 9.00. and it is all due to panic buying caused by rumors and speculation. It is ticking me off, I am trying to build a rifle and am having one heck of a time finding parts because every tom dick and hubert that got one of these e-mails will not simply check into the facts of it.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that the Brady bunch are the ones circulating these e-mails and laughing uncontrollably when they hit send.

Sorry guys.

04-28-2009, 05:54 AM
Our liberal friend from Yardley is so fond of stating the gun control nuts aren't getting any of their bills passed in Congress. Listen up,'s how they bypass Congress, and get the Obama agenda rolling.


UB, I have no doubts that this administration would love to curb ownership of so-called assault weapons and handguns if it were able. I don't think it's a high priority for now, but warrants on-going viglance from all of us who favor the right to bear arms. However, getting hysterical every five minutes over the most recent bit of nonsense from any politician owning a pen undermines the credibility of efforts to protect against actions that might actually have a chance of passing.

The most recent example of hysteria on which I commented was HR45, a bill filed in Congress with no co-sponsors that was immediately sent into oblivion. It continued to be the subject of paranoid email messages and posts that implied that the bill was being proposed by the administration and would be adopted shortly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A potentially bigger threat would be the bills being introduced throughout the country that would require marking ammunition with some form of serial number. Once again, these bills are being attributed to the administration, which has had nothing to do with them. That focus misses the point that the ammunition identification bills are being promoted almost exclusively by the company that developed the identification technology and holds exclusive patents. Those patents are worthless unless it can force manufacturers to buy. Focusing on the real source of these bills is more likely to prevent passage than attributing them to the wrong source.

I am glad that the curbing of sales of expended cartriges was rescinded and that the reactions of legitimate interests helped achieve that outcome. Do I believe that the original decision was part of some conspiratorial effort to undermine gun ownership through the back door? No. I suspect that it was a fairly normal bureaucratic mess up that was appropriately corrected when it became an issue. Do I know that for a fact? No. Is it possible that less than two months following the inauguration, some new political appointee in the Defense Department noticed this minor change in policy recommended a year earlier and said "Wow, I can make 223 ammo more expensive!"? Yes, but not very likely. I'm not saying it won't happen. I'm only saying that there hasn't been time yet for the administration to place its own appointees in all of those positions. That will change, but it will take time. And vigilance will be needed because many of those (not all) supporting the administration are hostile to gun interests and this is exactly the type of action that could result from that hostility.