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: My Country, not My Government!!!

06-02-2009, 09:12 AM
I cannot believe this is happening to my country. I cannot believe that most people don't even care or that so many people want this. They say they do, but they are just giving it lip service or are ignorant to what is happening? I am 29 years old with a 2.5 year old daughter and a second child on the way. I am so disgusted, heartbroken, and angry that my children may not know the United States, my country that I love so much. How could this happen in my country? How could my country, the Greatest Nation in the world, turn itís back on itís own citizens?

Iíve been struggling with this since prior to the election. With everything swirling around Obama during the election, I just could not understand how he could be a frontrunner for President of the United States or even a viable candidate. There were so many questions about him that point in the wrong direction: downright disgusting relationships with terrorists, ties to the PLO, serious citizenship questions that could so easily be squashed, racist associations, the embarrassment he has about this nation, his lack of experience, I could go on and on. How could so many of my fellow citizens put the blinders on and overlook so many red flags?

Now in the nearly 6 months since he has been in office he has so easily been able to run this country directly into the ground; stimulus, continuing and greatly multiplying Bushís mistake of bailouts, GM takeover, closing of gitmo, going overseas and apologizing for my country, the torture thing, Sotomayor, Vets and Conservatives are the greatest threat to this nation, I could go on and on.

I am coming to realize that this is still my country that I so dearly love. It is not my government or a government of the people any longer. I do not support this government, and I donít want my kids to know this government. We, the citizens of the greatest nation on this planet, must band together and take our country back. We have to support the Tea Party movement, and any other similar movement, get out and vote, pay close attention to our political leaders and the things they say and do, and we must do our part to make others aware of the downward spiral which we are so rapidly moving. I want to do something that will make a difference, Iím just not sure what or how. If we want this country to remain the leader of the free world we have to do something other than just complain about what this government is doing, we have to force a change in the right direction, not Obamaís ďchangeĒ.

If there are any out there like me that believe in the American Dream and want to give the next generations the opportunity to realize the American Dream we must be willing to fight for it. I am living the American Dream. I grew up in an average Midwestern middle class family. My parents instilled religion and solid values in me from an early age. I learned that I cannot expect handouts; I have to work hard for the things and the life I want. When I was in high school most of my friends got new or newer cars given to them when they turned 16. My parents didnít do that. At the time I had a lot of built up discontent towards them for that. I wished I could be like my friends with parents that gave them whatever they wanted. I had to quit playing sports and get a job and a loan through my parents if I wanted a car. I had to pay for my own gas and insurance if I wanted to drive the car. So I did just that. My parents made me save 25% of every paycheck to pay for college, I hated that as well. When I graduated from high school I had no desire to go to school, but I didnít know what else to do. Most of my friends that went to school had parents who either outright paid for their education or took out loans. At the time I wished my parents had done that too. I went to a local community college and screwed off not putting a whole lot of effort into it. After 3 years, I barely graduated with an Associates in Liberal Arts, because I just wanted to get a degree and get out of there. I got married and bounced around jobs for a couple of years wanting to find a good job. Not having any luck I started discussing with my wife the possibility of me going back to school, but I didnít know what for. After some research I decided on Industrial Engineering at a small local private university. We didnít have the money for school and we donít agree with handouts from the govt. because thatís the way I was raised. I had to work for what I have. We got loans and some grants from the school. I worked about 30 hours a week and went to school full time. I graduated two years ago and am doing pretty good. My wife was able to quit her job last year, a plan weíd had all along, and we are happily raising our family.

My point to giving my background is to let others know that the American Dream still exists. I am living it. All too often we Americans want things handed to us, and so many of us arenít willing to work for what we have. Many of us grew up with everything just handed to them and donít know how to truly earn what we have. That is the basis of the whole entitlement idea that is ruining this country. Some of us also grew up in less than ideal situations and donít know/believe we can work our way to something better. I truly believe that we all have the opportunity to live the American Dream, to better ourselves if we so choose. It takes hard work, commitment, and a willingness to fall flat on our faces but it still can be achieved.

We have to get out there and make a difference to save this country for our children. Ronald Reagan once said, ďFreedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.Ē That quote couldnít be more true than it is today. We cannot let this liberal extremist movement move this country any further down the path of Socialism than we have already allowed. Freedom must be protected and fought for so our children can grow up to know this Great Nation. I long for my children to have the opportunity that I have been given to live the American Dream and know the Great Nation that I know. We have to protect our freedom, if we donít we will loose one of our greatest assets, which is opportunity.

road kill
06-02-2009, 09:20 AM
You ought to be in your late 50's or older.
We remeber when a man's word meant something.
We remember neighborhoods.

Hell, I remember when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous!!
(that's a funny)

I know what has happened and this IS what the majority wanted.
They are OK with it.

Don't tell me it's wrong, SHOW me!!

Go to any mall, go to any McDonalds or Wendy's.

It's all about entitlemants and gettin' mine!
(well, not all, but most)

"She'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes her......PRIUS away!!"

You would have absolutely LOVED the 60's and 70's!!

The common theme with most of the people here is not what you might think.
It's not dogs.
It's LOVE!!

Most of these people LOVE their dogs!!!!!

Most people in the mainstream are about hate now.
Look around!!

"Keep on keepin on......"

Hang in there buddy, for what it's worth, stan b & Elvis like your style!!:cool::black:

06-02-2009, 09:32 AM
You ought to be in your late 50's or older.

Hang in there buddy, for what it's worth, stan b & Elvis like your style!!:cool::black:

I'm going to prove to you that I am 29...Who is stan b?

road kill
06-02-2009, 09:37 AM
I didn't mean that as a question of your age, I meant if you were my age you would be even more sick about this!!

stan b

06-02-2009, 09:42 AM
Yeah, I know you weren't questioning. I thought maybe stan b was somebody famous that I didn't know because of my age. It was the way you said stan b and Elvis. I was thinking Elvis, the Elvis, and stan b must be some other singer. Now I see that stan b is you. ;)

Gerry Clinchy
06-02-2009, 12:05 PM
Nothing at all to disagree with in your post Honker88.

We might find that a lot of ethnic groups are willing to join your "Working" party. I am a "first-generation" citizen from immigrant parents, and the ideas you talk about are the same ones that I grew up with.

I work with many people of diverse backgrounds as a Realtor, and find that those values do not have ethnic boundaries.

Maybe it's also time to show how certain things have been grossly misunderstood over time. As one example, when Milton Friedman wrote Free To Choose nobody really believed him when he explained why "minimum wage" was not a useful concept. What has happened in the intervening years could well prove why the minimum wage keeps rising, but we really have no greatly improved living conditions to show for it.

Somewhere there is a "break-even point" ... where the number of productive workers can no longer provide enough capital to support the number of citizens receiving entitlements; where even the cash-flow mechanics will no longer work (i.e. using current worker social security contributions to pay for current social security benefit payouts).

The current situation, a change in mindset, did not occur "overnight". It will take a lot of patience and perseverance to change the tide. Fixing the mindset will also not occur "overnight."

06-02-2009, 12:52 PM
The current situation, a change in mindset, did not occur "overnight". It will take a lot of patience and perseverance to change the tide. Fixing the mindset will also not occur "overnight."

No the change did not occur overnight. There has been an erosion since the late '60s/early '70s. It's almost as if we've slowly been pushed to the edge of the cliff and now we've been pushed off the edge. Maybe being pushed over the edge is what we needed to force the change in mindset. Maybe that's what it will take to wake up the masses. I pray every day that my children will know the country that I have had the privilage to grow up in.