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: Pirate Hunting

06-27-2009, 10:55 AM
I saw this link posted on another site. It looks like the Russians have adopted capitialism and private enterprise. This should also make the pirates a little nervous!

http://www.asylum.com/2009/06/26/luxury-yacht-company-offers-pirate-hunting-cruises/?icid=main|compaq-laptop|dl4|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.asylum.com%2F200 9%2F06%2F26%2Fluxury-yacht-company-offers-pirate-hunting-cruises%2F


Terry Britton
06-27-2009, 11:01 AM
Somebody stole my idea:


I did elaborate on it where fake pirates are paid to be chased and captured. It would give the elite something to spend their $$$ on while the poor of Somalia could make actual $$$ legally giving the elites something to do.

Julie R.
06-27-2009, 12:44 PM
It's actually a joke just like yours Terry; it's just that this jokester made up a website to go with the joke. (hahah I beat Jeff to it and didn't even need to use Snopes!) Remember, there are very strict rules about guns on boats in international waters and especially within the territorial waters of countries both friendly and hostile. If it was OK for passengers and crew to have guns, the hijackings wouldn't have happened in the first place.

There is no real Russian company offering these trips. If you look at the link it's the Huffington (I Just Huffed a Big Blunt) Post and it doesn't even have a story or any fact checking; it just links to some bogus news service. (Where's Jeff when you need him? LOL). Actually this discussion came up on another site I visit and one of the European members had a link to a Russian article written in German which basically said, not true.

But, I have no doubt if some enterprising mercenary was able to arrange a hunting party on a cruise ship and the hunters could be assured of anonymity there are some who would pay big bucks to hunt down and kill some pirates. They might have trouble finding a local taxidermist though and hmmmmm, wonder if they'd have any trouble getting a stuffed Somali head through customs?