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: Official AKC Derby results - Feb 2008 trial

07-06-2009, 01:00 PM
For those who are interested in the Derby placement changes for the Feb 8, 2008 Lassen Retriever Club field trial, the official AKC results have been posted on Entry Express. I have also changed the club's records to match the results posted on AKC's website.

AKC's official permission to do so was received by the field trial secretary (me) this morning from the manager of AKC Performance Events Operations.

These changes did have an effect on the 2008 Derby points for all the dogs who were moved up a notch. Retriever Field Trial News compiles and tallies Derby points and publishes them, not AKC.

The 2nd place Derby dog was determined by AKC to be ineligible to receive the award because the dog was unregistered (and was still unregistered as of July 2, 2009). Apparently the number used as the dog's AKC registration number on the entry form was a litter number.

That is why all Derby placements were moved up... 3rd place to 2nd place, 4th place to 3rd place, and the RJ to 4th place.

For those who checked out AKC's website for results last week, it was an AKC oversight that they had not moved the RJ to 4th place. The RJ has now been moved to 4th place.

There will be no RJ because there is no way to know what JAM to move up.

Helen Graves, F.T. Secretary
Lassen Retriever Club