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: What's wrong with this picture.....

09-05-2009, 09:32 AM
To take a little break from politics to talk about values...or lack of.

All the recent hullabaloo over the Oregon football player sucker punching the Boise State player.

To review what happened, in case you haven't seen the video.

Boise State player after the game in passing the Oregon player, taps him on the shoulder pads and says something to him....and keeps on moving....no doubt hazing him...a low class action in itself....a BS coach is moving in rapidly to keep them seperated, knowing what is about to ensue. The Oregon player than maneuvers, throws the punch, then gets into an altercation with a teammate who is trying to get him out of the fracas, then he proceeds to get into it with the fans on the way to the exit and then the 4 cops who are trying to get him up the tunnel.

I was absolutely floored to see and hear a major college football analyst, a former player, on a live ESPN telecast when asked his opinion on what type of punishment the Oregon player should receive for this altercation....ACTUALLY BLAME THE BOISE STATE PLAYER AND SAY "THE OREGON PLAYER WAS SIMPLY REACTING TO A LOW CLASS ACTION OF THE BS PLAYER", insinuating that the Oregon player was justified in his reaction.

Even the ESPN announcer was taken aback by this comment.

The Oregon saw this whole thing differently and correctly....and suspended the player for the entire season, saying in an interview...that the player will remain on the team and keep his scholarship..."because it's obvious that this guy needs structure in his life".

My reaction to this whole scenario is one of sadness and bewilderment. How far has this "victimization" psychology come to allow a national celebrity on a live national TV show to excuse this individual of 4 seperate losses of control in the span of 2 minutes? It is my opinion that ESPN should "sanction" Desmond Howard for his irresponsible characterization of this incident and take him off the air for a week or two.

This psychology is so sinister and is or has undermined the whole value concept of accountability and responsiblity for our actions.

This mindset will do far more damage to the fabric of this country than just about any political agenda.

Bob Gutermuth
09-05-2009, 01:08 PM
I'd heave his a$$ out of the football program pronto and for good if I were the head coach of his team.

09-05-2009, 01:21 PM
It would crash this server to list all the collegiate and professional athletes that behave in ways that would get our kids/grandkids expelled from kindergarten. I still enjoy watching the steelers, but have pretty given up all major televised sports. Better to be out in the field than in front of the tube anyway.

I have always respected the Rooney's (as have the players and press, recently voting them the best owners in football history) because they are class, and it shows from the front office, to the sidelines, to the off-field behavior of their athletes. Not that they don't have a few hoodlums, but they keep their mouths and actions in check, more by example than punishment.

The day MLB announced a three game suspension for Roberto Alomar SPITTING IN THE FACE of the second base umpire, was the day I promised never to give ONE CENT of my money to that institution. I don't care WHAT the umpire said to him. If he said something unprofessional, he could have gone to his union and had that umpire sanctioned or fired. I remember having to explain to my girls what happened, then was shocked to see him not even slapped on the wrist.

While we're on sports.....So Philly decided to give Vick a chance? Good, he paid his debt to society, I suppose. How 'bout giving him a second chance at say....the same annual salary as a new Philadelphia Firefighter hire? Say about 40-50k/year?? I wonder if he would be so polite and thankful for his second chance then?

I agree with you Duckdog, just not as surprised anymore.