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: Iraqi Oil

Gerry Clinchy
09-06-2009, 07:50 AM
Some have suggested that the real motive for invading Iraq was Iraqi oil. If so, it would appear that has sort of back-fired, with China being the first to get its hands on the Iraqi oil.

Perhaps the U.S. would have done better by the Iraqis than China is doing?

The basis of the complaints here is that, aside from the hiring of a few hundred residents as laborers and security guards at salaries of less than $600 a month, the Ahdab field — a roughly $3 billion development project — has provided no local benefit.

I did note this in the article though:

“No one would have dared to ask for such a thing during Saddam’s regime; if he did, he would definitely be executed,” said Ghassan Ali, a 43-year-old farmer who lives near the oil field. “But now we are a democratic country, so we have the right to ask for our rights like any other province in Iraq.”