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: Dear Mr. President......

10-04-2009, 11:41 AM
I appreciate your deliberations on the Afghanistan strategy.

I believe that BOTH a troop increase that your field commanders request AND the the strategy of your vice president focusing on the killing of Taliban/AlQueda can be incoporated into the strategy. Since different kinds of troops and resources are used for these different missions.

Yes, I know this conflict has been going on for 8+ years and maybe George W. did lose focus on the Afghan situation as Kerry and others made mention in the 2000 elections and afterwards even you yourself as the jr senator from Illinois stated several times since.

Yes, I know this country has a long history of political instability....have they EVER been stable? This country has been the rocks and shoals of many a dynasty going back thousands of years, most recently the big Soviet bear.

But now it's your ballgame, you've publicly committed to supporting the troops and doing everything possible to "achieve the mission" in this country.

Yes, I know the left is war weary...when aren't they? Some say, mostly the liberals, say that the right in this country is getting war weary as well.

What I think they are weary of is a lack of focus and resolve to set an ambitious strategy and go after it heart and soul with every asset and resource this great country has at it's disposal....which as you may know is more than enough to get the job done.

What they are weary of is an administration that thinks politics first, results second or third. Your own party, especially the radical left will not be supportive of your ratcheting up the military efforts that it will take to accomplish your stated objectives for Afghanistan.

For once....think as a Commander in Chief, not as a political activist. Think about accomplishing something on an international level not involving appeasement. Resolve to withstand the political fallout that is sure to follow from the left of your party. Resolve to vote 'Yes'
in the accomplishment of your strategy not merely 'Here'.

If you do, I can promise you that the support of the majority of this country which you will receive for implementing and staying the course of a winning strategy in Afghaistan will overwhelmingly drown out the clammer of the radical lefties of your party.

If you act Presidential instead of hack political activist, the American people will support you and you will "feel the love" you so desperately desire and very well may revive your sinking political future. Charm and home-boy cool will not get the job done. Steely, mature, 'steady hand at the wheel' determination to plan the work and then work the plan, will.

Finally, if you succeed in your resolve for the accomplishment of your Afghan wipeout the Taliban/Al Queda and provide for political stability of the Afghan nation and when you give them an oppurtunity to stand on their own and they continue to fall down....then have the resolve to cut them loose, wash your hands of them and bring the troops home.

Mr. President...your political legacy will be determined by your Afghan strategy. Not healthcare, not bailouts, not politicizing every element of American culture. Your legacy will be determined by what you achieve on the world stage. The respect you crave will be determined on the focus and resolve you exhibit over actually accomplishing something meaningful and constructive for the whole world to see.

My heartfelt prayers are with you Mr. President.

Yours truly,

A political conservative

Gerry Clinchy
10-04-2009, 12:16 PM
I wonder if he'll be asking McC, "If I give you everything you ask for, what impact can you make in three years?"

If O wants to get re-elected that will be the "fallout" from whatever decision he makes on A'stan. He's got about three years to do something positive about A'stan ... considering he strongly advocated that A'stan was an important keystone in U.S. safety.

I think the author of the statement that started this thread is correct. You can do "Biden's plan" in conjunction with & within the structure of McC's plan. However, if you try to do Biden's without McC's comprehensive approach, you would make success less likely in Biden's goals. With civilian support at the grassroots, the intelligence needed to succeed at rooting out the T and AQ should be more likely.

If, after fully exploring McC's recommendations, they are sound ones, then O needs to have the courage to make that decision in spite of what the short-term flak will be from either party. He is the one who will have the best information on the situation.
He's got 3 years to prove that he made the right or wrong decision. If the T and AQ grow stronger in those 3 years, he can start writing his third book cause he'll be going home to Illinois.

road kill
10-04-2009, 05:22 PM
10 more of our brave soldiers killed last night.......while we mull over a strategy!!??!!??

Gerry Clinchy
10-04-2009, 05:58 PM
The radio report I heard said that the WH says we should not take this as a sign that AQ is getting stronger in A'stan?? The report also indicated that the group that overran the U.S. & Afghan contingent were incited in a local mosque.

10-04-2009, 07:38 PM
The current admin cannot linger....there is a reason for the request for more troops.