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11-07-2009, 03:32 PM
Comments on the Ft. Hood killings, please, and the killer of course. That is if it has not been on another thread already (have not been reading the whole forum lately). TIA

11-07-2009, 03:48 PM
I heard a witness on the radio news say the killer screammed some kind of ala bullcrap. When the news lady interpreted it she said it meant "god is great" or something like that. The shooter was said to be muslim. Right after that the news lady said further investigation was needed to see if this was a radical muslim crime.
News people are really smart.


Uncle Bill
11-07-2009, 04:30 PM
Comments on the Ft. Hood killings, please, and the killer of course. That is if it has not been on another thread already (have not been reading the whole forum lately). TIA

The story is in overload on CNN, FOX,MSNBC,HLN etc.etc.etc. Most are 'comments' as apposed to 'reports' or 'gatherings'.


11-09-2009, 06:52 AM
I will try to find the article, but I saw a headline on yahoo that said he was linked to the same mosque as the 9/11 hijackers.

Bob Gutermuth
11-09-2009, 07:07 AM
I hope the shooter heals quickly so he can have a fast trial and a first class execution.

11-09-2009, 07:32 AM
I agree with Bob 100%. This guy's new MOS should be "rope stretcher".

We shouldn't stop there. The military chain of command, who is desparate for docs, should be examined. As we find out more and more of this man's dubious connections, why in the hell was he still in uniform???

When I was still in the army, I had one of my male nurses who's wife had left him out of the blue, cry like a baby on my shoulder, admitting his life was falling apart. He had ALL the risk factors for suicide: male gender, recent significant relationship severance, alcohol usage, family history of depression/suicide attempts, gun in the home.........this guy was a poster child for suicide intervention! I made him stay the night with me for his safety, then referred him to the nursing commander, assuming he was in good care and would be afforded the help he needed.

To my shock, I found out her answer to his "insubordinate behavior" was to confine him to his off-post quarters, alone, knowing he was a duck hunter, and had a 12 gauge and shells at his home. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, but I can't imagine such dereliction of duty from a supposed health professional, let alone commander!

I relay that story only to exemplify that the military does not always run a tight ship, especially in the medical profession. I think the desparate need for warm bodies on TOEs, trumps careful screening sometimes. This was definately a senseless tragedy, and unfortunately, it is beginning to sound like a completely preventable one.

11-09-2009, 08:43 AM
Hindsight is always 20/20 dnf. Remember all the warning signs about the VT shooter that came out after the shooting? How about all the stuff that we know about Kliebold and Harris? It's not just the military that misses the obvious...It is a good thing that you cared about your fellow soldier. Perhaps you 'made the difference that made the difference' in his life.

If everyone wasn't so damn worried about being PC, perhaps some of these nutcases would have something done about them beforehand.

Warning signs are only good if those who notice them don't have their hands tied.

road kill
11-09-2009, 08:57 AM
This is tragic.

And, again, should have been avoided, but couldn't be.
Our current culture does not allow for calling out bad behavior.
Had the Army investigated this guy due to his behavior the ACLU and the "Drive by Media" would have eviscerated the Army.

Even now the Drive by Media is claiming it's the Army's fault for the stress.

America, where have you gone??

Uncle Bill
11-10-2009, 01:37 PM
If everyone wasn't so damn worried about being PC, perhaps some of these nutcases would have something done about them beforehand.

To bolster your views, here's another writers comments.


Fort Hood's 9/11


Last Updated: 2:50 PM, November 6, 2009

Posted: 1:36 PM, November 6, 2009

On Thursday afternoon, a radicalized Muslim US Army officer shouting "Allahu Akbar!" committed the worst act of terror on American soil since 9/11. And no one wants to call it an act of terror or associate it with Islam.

What cowards we are. Political correctness killed those patriotic Americans at Ft. Hood as surely as the Islamist gunman did. And the media treat it like a case of non-denominational shoplifting.

This was a terrorist act. When an extremist plans and executes a murderous plot against our unarmed soldiers to protest our efforts to counter Islamist fanatics, it’s an act of terror. Period.

When the terrorist posts anti-American hate-speech on the Web; apparently praises suicide bombers and uses his own name; loudly criticizes US policies; argues (as a psychiatrist, no less) with his military patients over the worth of their sacrifices; refuses, in the name of Islam, to be photographed with female colleagues; lists his nationality as "Palestinian" in a Muslim spouse-matching program, and parades around central Texas in a fundamentalist playsuit — well, it only seems fair to call this terrorist an "Islamist terrorist."

But the president won’t. Despite his promise to get to all the facts. Because there’s no such thing as "Islamist terrorism" in ObamaWorld.

And the Army won’t. Because its senior leaders are so sick with political correctness that pandering to America-haters is safer than calling terrorism "terrorism."

And the media won’t. Because they have more interest in the shooter than in our troops — despite their crocodile tears.

Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan planned this terrorist attack and executed it in cold blood. The resulting massacre was the first tragedy. The second was that he wasn’t killed on the spot.

Hasan survived. Now the rest of us will have to foot his massive medical bills. Activist lawyers will get involved, claiming "harassment" drove him temporarily insane. There’ll be no end of trial delays. At best, taxpayer dollars will fund his prison lifestyle for decades to come, since our politically correct Army leadership wouldn’t dare pursue or carry out the death penalty.

Maj. Hasan will be a hero to Islamist terrorists abroad and their sympathizers here. While US Muslim organizations decry his acts publicly, Hasan will be praised privately. And he’ll have the last laugh.
But Hasan isn’t the sole guilty party. The US Army’s unforgivable political correctness is also to blame for the casualties at Ft. Hood.

Given the myriad warning signs, it’s appalling that no action was taken against a man apparently known to praise suicide bombers and openly damn US policy. But no officer in his chain of command, either at Walter Reed Army Medical Center or at Ft. Hood, had the guts to take meaningful action against a dysfunctional soldier and an incompetent doctor.

Had Hasan been a Lutheran or a Methodist, he would’ve been gone with the simoon. But officers fear charges of discrimination when faced with misconduct among protected minorities.

Now 12 soldiers and a security guard lie dead. 31 soldiers were wounded, 28 of them seriously. If heads don’t roll in this maggot’s chain of command, the Army will have shamed itself beyond moral redemption.

There’s another important issue, too. How could the Army allow an obviously incompetent and dysfunctional psychiatrist to treat our troubled soldiers returning from war? An Islamist whacko is counseled for arguing with veterans who’ve been assigned to his care? And he’s not removed from duty? What planet does the Army live on?

For the first time since I joined the Army in 1976, I’m ashamed of its dereliction of duty. The chain of command protected a budding terrorist who was waving one red flag after another. Because it was safer for careers than doing something about him.

Get ready for the apologias. We’ve already heard from the terrorist’s family that "he’s a good American." In their world, maybe he is.
But when do we, the American public, knock off the PC nonsense?

A disgruntled Muslim soldier murdered his officers way back in 2003, in Kuwait, on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Recently? An American mullah shoots it out with the feds in Detroit. A Muslim fanatic attacks an Arkansas recruiting station. A Muslim media owner, after playing the peace card, beheads his wife. A Muslim father runs over his daughter because she’s becoming too Westernized.

Muslim terrorist wannabes are busted again and again. And we’re assured that "Islam’s a religion of peace."
I guarantee you that the Obama administration’s non-response to the Ft. Hood attack will mock the memory of our dead.

Ralph Peters’ latest novel is "The War After Armageddon."

Uncle Bill
11-10-2009, 01:45 PM
Comments on the Ft. Hood killings, please, and the killer of course.

Here's some additional info. UB

Chilling story from an eye witness....Fort Hood, TX

Sent: Sat, November 7, 2009 6:42:44 PM

> Since I don't know when I'll sleep (it's 4 am now) I'll write what
> happened (the abbreviated version.....the long one is already part of the
> investigation with more to come). I'll not write about any part of the
> investigation that I've learned about since (as a witness I know more than

> I should since inevitably my JAG brothers and sisters are deeply involved
> in the investigation). Don't assume that most of the current media
> accounts are very accurate. They're not. They'll improve with time.
> Only those of us who were there really know what went down. But as they
> collate our statements they'll get it right.
> I did my SRP last week (Soldier Readiness Processing) but you're
> supposed to come back a week later to have them look at the smallpox
> vaccination site (it's this big itchy growth on your shoulder). I am
> probably alive because I pulled a ---------- and entered the wrong
> building first (the main SRP building). The Medical SRP building is off
> to the side. Realizing my mistake I left the main building and walked
> down the sidewalk to the medical SRP building. As I'm walking up to it
> the gunshots start. Slow and methodical. But continuous. Two ambulatory

> wounded came out. Then two soldiers dragging a third who was covered in
> blood. Hearing the shots but not seeing the shooter, along with a couple
> other soldiers I stood in the street and yelled at everyone who came
> running that it was clear but to "RUN!". I kept motioning people fast.
> about 6-10 minutes later (the shooting continuous), two cops ran up. one
> male, one female. we pointed in the direction of the shots. they headed
> that way (the medical SRP building was about 50 meters away). then a lot
> more gunfire. a couple minutes later a balding man in ACU's came around
> the building carrying a pistol and holding it tactically. He started
> shooting at us and we all dived back to the cars behind us. I don't think

> he hit the couple other guys who were there. I did see the bullet holes
> later in the cars. First I went behind a tire and then looked under the
> body of the car. I've been trained how to respond to gunfire...but with
> my own weapon. To have no weapon I don't know how to explain what that
> felt like. I hadn't run away and stayed because I had thought about the
> consequences or anything like that. I wasn't thinking anything through.
> Please understand, there was no intention. I was just staying there
> because I didn't think about running. It never occurred to me that he
> might shoot me. Until he started shooting in my direction and I realized
> I was unarmed. Then the female cop comes around the corner. He shoots
> her. (according to the news accounts she got a round into him. I believe

> it, I just didn't see it. he didn't go down.) She goes down. He starts
> reloading. He's fiddling with his mags. Weirdly he hasn't dropped the
> one that was in his weapon. He's holding the fresh one and the old one
> (you do that on the range when time is not of the essence but in combat
> you would just let the old mag go). I see the male cop around the left
> corner of the building. (I'm about 15-20 meters from the shooter.) I
> yell at the cop, "He's reloading, he's reloading. Shoot him! Shoot him!)
> You have to understand, everything was quiet at this point. The cop
> appears to hear me and comes around the corner and shoots the shooter. He

> goes down. The cop kicks his weapon further away. I sprint up to the
> downed female cop. Another captain (I think he was with me behind the
> cars) comes up as well. She's bleeding profusely out of her thigh. We
> take our belts off and tourniquet her just like we've been trained (I hope

> we did it right...we didn't have any CLS (combat lifesaver) bags with
> their awesome tourniquets on us, so we worked with what we had).
> Meanwhile, in the most bizarre moment of the day, a photographer was
> standing over us taking pictures. I suppose I'll be seeing those
> tomorrow. Then a soldier came up and identified himself as a medic. I
> then realized her weapon was lying there unsecured (and on "fire"). I
> stood over it and when I saw a cop yelled for him to come over and secure
> her weapon (I would have done so but I was worried someone would mistake
> me for a bad guy). I then went over to the shooter. He was unconscious.
> A Lt Colonel was there and had secured his primary weapon for the time
> being. He also had a revolver. I couldn't believe he was one of ours. I

> didn't want to believe it. Then I saw his name and rank and realized this

> wasn't just some specialist with mental issues. At this point there was a

> guy there from CID and I asked him if he knew he was the shooter and had
> him secured. He said he did.

Uncle Bill
11-10-2009, 01:48 PM
Continued from above.

I then went over the slaughter house. the
> medical SRP building. No human should ever have to see what that looked
> like. and I won't tell you. Just believe me. Please. there was nothing

> to be done there. Someone then said there was someone critically wounded
> around the corner. I ran around (while seeing this floor to ceiling
> window that someone had jumped through movie style) and saw a large
> African-American soldier lying on his back with two or three soldiers
> attending. I ran up and identified two entrance wounds on the right side
> of his stomach, one exit wound on the left side and one head wound. He
> was not bleeding externally from the stomach wounds (though almost
> certainly internally) but was bleeding from the head wound. A soldier was

> using a shirt to try and stop the head bleeding. He was conscious so I
> began talking to him to keep him so. He was 42, from North Carolina , he
> was named something Jr., his son was named something III and he had a
> daughter as well. His children lived with him. He was divorced. I told
> him the blubber on his stomach saved his life. He smiled. a young
> soldier in civvies showed up and identified himself as a combat medic. We
> debated whether to put him on the back of a pickup truck. A doctor (well,

> an audiologist) showed up and said you can't move him, he has a head
> wound. we finally sat tight. I went back to the slaughterhouse. they
> weren't letting anyone in there. not even medics. finally, after about
> 45 minutes had elapsed some cops showed up in tactical vests. someone
> said the TBI building was unsecured. They headed into there. All of a
> sudden a couple more shots were fired. People shouted there was a second
> shooter. a half hour later the SWAT showed up. there was no second
> shooter. that had been an impetuous cop apparently. but that confused
> things for a while. meanwhile I went back to the shooter. the female cop

> had been taken away. a medic was pumping plasma into the shooter. I'm
> not proud of this but I went up to her and said "this is the shooter, is
> there anyone else who needs attention...do them first". she indicated
> everyone else living was attended to. I still hadn't seen any EMTs or
> ambulances. I had so much blood on me that people kept asking me if I
> was ok. but that was all other people's blood. eventually (an hour and a

> half to two hours after the shootings) they started landing choppers.
> they took out the big African American guy and the shooter. I guess the
> ambulatory wounded were all at the SRP building. Everyone else in my area

> was dead.
> I suppose the emergency responders were told there were multiple
> shooters. I heard that was the delay with the choppers (they were all
> civilian helicopters). they needed a secure LZ. but other than the
> initial cops who did everything right, I didn't see a lot of them for a
> while. I did see many a soldier rush out to help their fellows/sisters.
> there was one female soldier, I don't know her name or rank but I would
> recognize her anywhere who was everywhere helping people. a couple
> people, mainly civilians, were hysterical, but only a couple. one
> civilian freaked out when I tried to comfort her when she saw my uniform.
> I guess she had seen the shooter up close. a lot of soldiers were rushing

> out to help even when we thought there was another gunman out there. this

> Army is not broken no matter what the pundits say. not the Army I saw.
> and then they kept me for a long time to come. oh, and perhaps the most
> surreal thing, at 1500 (the end of the workday on Thursdays) when the
> bugle sounded we all came to attention and saluted the flag. in the
> middle of it all. this is what I saw. it can't have been real. but this

> is my small corner of what happened.

11-10-2009, 02:16 PM
To the more military incline folks; why were there only civilian cops involved, and not MPs? Do we relay on civilian cops to patrol our bases now?
I honestly don't know how military bases are run, so it just appeared odd to me. However, I'm sure glad the civilian cops were there!

11-10-2009, 02:18 PM
To the more military incline folks; why were there only civilian cops involved, and not MPs? Do we relay on civilian cops to patrol our bases now?
I honestly don't know how military bases are run, so it just appeared odd to me. However, I'm sure glad the civilian cops were there!

Yes, civilian contracts are very common on military posts. Even when in Saudi on a Patriot Missile battery, when it broke down, we had TRW civilians come repair them.

road kill
11-10-2009, 04:29 PM
By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann 11.8.2009

In his nationally televised remarks following the horrendous killings at Ft. Hood, President Obama never mentioned the T word. The attack was an act “of violence.” No mention of terrorism.

In fact, the Ft. Hood shooting is the first terror attack on American soil since 9-11. But Obama, reluctant to take the rap for inadequate protections against such attacks, is doing everything he can to make it look like an adult version of the Columbine school shootings. We are treated to stories about the killer’s dread of being sent back to Afghanistan and his deformed personality.

But, the fact is that Major Nidal Malik Hasan jumped on a table, yelled “Alah Hu Akhbar” and began the shooting rampage that killed 13 people and wounded 30 more.

Ilana Freedman, CEO and Senior Analyst for the Gerard Group International, which provides intelligence analysis for business and homeland security, describes Hasan as a “lone wolf terrorist” who acts without apparent coordination with any other person or organization. But that does not make him any less of a terrorist.

The dividing line, of course, between a terrorist and a psychopathic killer is political motivation. His statements right before opening fire would indicate that Hasan was motivated by fanaticism and a commitment to Islamic fascism, even though President Obama bends over backwards to avoid saying so.

Obama’s refusal to call the attack terrorism, and to heed the warning signs about the porous nature of our security system that allowed it to happen on a military base, recalls President Clinton’s deliberate decision to downplay the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. He did not visit the site of the attack and treated it as a crime, promising to find those guilty and punish them, rather than to attack the international groups that funded and enabled them.

There may be no groups behind Major Hasan’s attack, but the fact that he was an officer in the Army, with full access to a military base and its arsenal of weapons, while holding the views he did, is the first indication of a laxity in security under President Obama. This attack did not take place in a shopping mall or a school, where security procedures are, understandably, relaxed. It happened on the highest security place of all - a military base! That the military failed to spot the possibility of an attack and had no measures in place to prevent it must be laid at the feet of the commander-in-chief of that military: President Barack Obama.

Many commentators have warned that the diminution of security and the weakening of our anti-terrorist protections would leave us vulnerable to be hit again. Now it has happened. And the president is doing everything he can to blur the distinction between murder and terrorism.

It was his failure to understand the difference between an act of war and a crime that undermined President Clinton’s administration’s anti-terror efforts and led directly to 9-11. It would appear that President Obama is going down the same road of denial and minimization of political harm. There may be casualties at Ft. Hood, but Obama is determined that his popularity will not be among them.


11-10-2009, 05:20 PM
What I found disgusting with todays memorial service was the shrieking of the Obamaniacs in the crowd..my gosh people this aint a campaign stop, it was a service for fallen and wounded soldiers. It was his duty as POTUS to be there and represent the Nation during this solemn time...there's a time and place for everything...this was no rockshow

Bob Gutermuth
11-11-2009, 08:11 AM
Osama's buddy, mayor Richard Daley of chicago, was quoted on Fox news just now as blaming the massacre on'the availability of guns'. What an idiot.

road kill
11-11-2009, 08:45 AM
Funny how the lefty's can blame all Conservatives for the murder of an abortion Dr., but can not even go to the area of the Muslim ideology behind this guys motives.

See, all Conservatives are bad!!
All Muslims are peace loving!!

PC lesson for the day!!

Also, an observation of note:

In a clip of the ceremony at Ft. Hood, when the national anthem was being played all the dignataries in uniform or not saluted or put their right hand over their hearts.
They all proudly looked at the beautiful USA flag.....except 1 person.
1 person looked down.
Her name???

Michelle Obama!

11-11-2009, 09:08 AM
Brain fart. Everybody gets 'em....;)

Bob Gutermuth
11-11-2009, 11:03 AM
Niether she nor her husband is proud to be an American. How did we ever get them in the WH?

Richard Halstead
11-11-2009, 12:55 PM
If they say the FBI should have investigate the shooter by that reasoning shouldn't they have investigated Obama more because of his pastor, jeremiah Wright. His oratory was as hateful to America as the radical islamic leader. Hate speach is hate speach be it the president or an army officer. Which hate speech do we investigate.