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: (WI) Evan Grahaham Smartwork Training Seminar

Kevin WI
12-17-2009, 10:04 AM
The Muddy Waters Retriever Club is sponsoring a hands on Smartwork Retriever Training seminar presented by Evan Graham. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Event Date: April 30th & May 1st, 2010
Location: Mead Dog Training Area - Hwy O, Mosinee, WI (6 miles north of Junction City, WI)
Start time: TBA
Cost: $55 - MWRC members, $105.00 - Non-members
Advanced entry: You must enter online via http://entryexpress.net (http://entryexpress.net/). You can sign in or register and click on "seminars" link.
Open to the first 30 people to enter. One observer or handler/dog team per entry.
Seminar: Basics and transition training. (due to the time of year, water work will be limited. Most training will be land work)


Basics are a standard course of fundamental skills. Upon these building blocks are built all of the more advanced skills. They include:

1. Formalizing fundamental obedience: Heel, Sit, Here, Kennel, etc.
2. Force Fetch; the full course from Hold through Force-to-pile
3. Basic Handling; 3-handed casting, mini-T, Single T & Double T
4. Water Force & Swim-by


Transition is less specific, and covers a broader span of skills. It is the training that builds a bridge between a Basically-trained dog and a Fully-trained dog. There are three phases of Transition:

q Early Transition
Transition; Phase 1

1. Steadiness
2. Passive honor
3. Walking baseball
4. Pattern blinds
5. Running Patterns
6. 5-leg Patterns
7. Wagon Wheel Drills
8. 4-way Push/Pull Drill
9. 8-bumper Drill
10. 16-bumper Drill
11. 8-handed Casting
12. BB Blinds
13. Change to Orange
14. Zig-zag Drill
15. Four-phase Drill

q Mid Transition
Transition; Phase 2

1. Tune-up Drills
2. Swim-by in Tune-upís
3. Tune-up Drill #1
4. Tune-up Drill #2
5. Blind Attitude
6. Cheating Singles
7. Walk around blinds
8. KRD
9. Primary marking
10. Land Diagonal Drills
11. Gradient Blind Drill
12. Cast-into-water Drill
13. No-hands Back Drill

q Late Transition

Transition; Phase 3

1. Advanced Tune-up Drills *
2. No-Hands ďBackĒ Drill *
3. Cast-off-points Drills *
4. Check-down Drills
5. Chair Drills *
6. Split Drills
7. Chinese Drills
8. Advanced Mark & Blind use in Cold Set-upís
9. Journal Keeping *
10. Choosing Factors
11. Blinds; a beginning/middle/end
12. Handling/casting tips

Kevin WI
01-14-2010, 04:14 PM
Seminar is 50% filled as of today. If you plan on attending, you should sign up soon.

Kevin WI
01-22-2010, 08:27 AM
5 spots remaining