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: Battle of Saipan - our future without innovation?

Terry Britton
01-10-2010, 12:34 PM
I got this video from an engineer in Saipan. His friend did the documentory.

This post is food for thought. We are in a global market, and the most effecient and innovative will survive. Businesses in Saipan failed to innovate to work requiring higher skill levels as their sallaries and costs went up, and their manufactoring plants were moved.

Think about it, your TV may have the engineering done in Sillicon Valley, and parts built all over the world, and assembled in Mexico. Your coffee you drink in the morning comes from Central America. Your clothes from China. Your cell phone may have parts built in Asia and Europe. The plastic coffee cup may have been produced from petroleum from Saudia Arabia. Each country may be more effecient in producing different products for different reasons and conditions.