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: Dogs Afield stuff!!!

Byron Musick
01-22-2010, 11:57 AM
WooHoo! Got my stuff today, thought I'd share my thoughts.

Alfa 209 Primer Starter Pistol- This item was pricey, but when I felt it in my hand I realized why it costs what it does, very nice quality and I can see it lasting for quite a while provided I don't loose the thing!!

Three Pole Holding blind= 8ft long x 53 in Now with longer ground pegs for greater stability (6 inches). = Sort of nice, not sure how well the fabric will hold up, it seem plastic'y and really light, guess time will tell.

Day's End Pro II "Shorty" = Got it in Red (easier to find), love these things, great quality and very easy to use without being overbearing (if that can make sense).

That's all for now! Always happy with Dog Afield, they are prompt and courteous always!!