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: Field Trial Stories

01-30-2010, 08:41 AM
Field Trial stores (MORE FUN THAT POLITICS!
My wife and I have thought for a long time that with the aging of our field trial population that many great stores was being lost.
She is a writer but we need your stores to really make the memories come alive.

Here is one as an example: I was training with a husband and wife. I was out throwing a single for the young dogs. He had a started derby dog that had not been introduced to the collar. The dog had developed a habit of raising his leg on a bird when he found it. So the fix would be” burn the dog when he did that” He tried it and the dog bolted. I got the dog back and when I look up she was screaming at her husband and he hit her with the collar control antenna. Before I got back to them they were having a “dead pigeon” snowball fight!

Our intent is to collect these stories and publish them to share with all of you.
The format is as above; please don’t use real names. Just post then in my private message box and we will do the rest. There are a million stories in the big field! Lets not lose them.