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: CSRA/THRC Q/D Results

David Baty
02-21-2010, 08:59 AM
1st - 20, Louie , Brevard Arndt O/H
2nd - 21, Zeke, David Berman (O), Baker (H)
3rd - 16, Ruby, Richard Rochester O/H
4th - 34, Cruise, Susan Kennedy (O), Baker (H)

1st - 13, Reuben, Barb Younglove O/H
2nd - 1, Axle, Frank Jones O/H
3rd - 30, Blaze, Barb Younglove O/H
4th - 28, Josie, Betsy Madden O/H
RJ - 26, Ten, Barb Radtke O/H
JAMS; 12,21,24,27

1st - 2, Viper, James Sullivan (O), Baker (H)
2nd - 24, Zeke, David Berman (O), Baker (H)
3rd - 11, Filly, Wayne McKensie O/H
4th - 12, Polaire, Karen Petersen (O), Baker (H)
RJ - 15, Dixie, Robert Danner (O), Baker (H)
JAMS: 10,14,23,26

1st - 21, Sophie, Russell Archer, Olga Archer (O), Ledford (H)
2nd - 6, Reuben, Barb Younglove O/H
3rd - 26, Rory, Madelyn Yelton (O), Ough (H)
4th - 20, Blaze, Barb Younglove O/H
RJ - 8, Breeze, Wiulliam Tidd, Kristina Tidd (O), Ledford (H)
JAMS: 13,14,17,19,24,29,30

02-21-2010, 10:08 AM
A huge THANK YOU and round of applause to the hosting clubs Tar Heel and CSRA!! Outstanding organization, beautiful grounds, and great bird throwers made these trials an outstanding event!!

Barbara and Jerry Younglove

Labs Will-Do
02-21-2010, 10:32 AM
Congrats to the winners. The dogs and I couldn't put it all together in the derby or Q, but enjoyed the grounds, judges, field workers, and weather as well. Maybe it will be the start of better southern weather for awhile to allow some water training. Again Thanks and congrats to all. Ralph Ardis

Robert Dozier
02-22-2010, 01:56 PM
Great event in Lincolnton!! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard. Special congratulations to Dick Rochester who got the yellow in the Q on Saturday. He and Ruby make quite a pair! Dick is 82 and made it look way too easy. He is an inspiration to all….especially to this new guy trying to figure out this sport!!!