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: Jump Ladders

Dan Wegner
02-24-2010, 04:22 PM
I just bought a topper for my truck. It came with a full length jump ladder. The step folds up, but the entire frame is about 6 feet long! it's a pain in the rear to try to find a place to store it and move it around from hole to hole.

Has anyone come up with a good hanging jump ladder that is compact and still protects the side of the truck box? If anyone has pictures that would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Wegner
03-11-2010, 09:14 AM
Okay, a few views, but no replies yet.

I know some folks use a rope and jump board system that is lightweight and easy to work with. Those seem to work well for the upper holes on a chassis mount or trailer, where the back edge of the jump board can rest flush up against a lower hole (which has a flat surface).

That solution doesn't seem to work so well with a topper on a truck box where the truck box has curves and wheel wells, etc. The sheet metal on the truck boxes (especially newer ones that are using thinner metal) may dent in where the board contacts it (even if it has some padding on it).

Is anyone aware of someone that has had an aluminum jump ladder built that hangs from the hole and rests on the truck box? If so, can you shoot me a PM with contact info for them. Also, any ideas on what kind of shop I might contact to do a custom build of a jump ladder? Aluminum welding shop? Auto body shop? etc.


T. Mac
03-11-2010, 01:33 PM
Way back when ....the pro that I had my dog with used a strip of heavy grade carpet attached to a 2x4 that was cut to just fit inside a hole. The carpet had wooden cleats about 6-8 & 18-24 inches down to give the dog purchase. The 2x4 was tilted to allow it to fit into the box and then the carpet strip with cleats hung outside. Dogs seemed to have no problems loading into the boxes (even the top boxes) of her dog truck using the thing. Of course she was right there to help incase there was a miss. When done, remove the thing, roll it up and throw it in the breezeway.