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: Bear Creek Tournament hunt results(MI)

03-03-2010, 08:13 AM
Bear Creek Gun Dog Tournament Results
A pointing dog tournament that we put together open to all breeds entries though were dominated by Labs.
The shorthairs that were in it were no slouches thats for sure. Here are the results.

Here is the results for qualifying.



1. Nikki Ron Wilcuts- GSP-346
2. Sadie Chris Ritter/Larry Kryzinski GSP-339
3. Lex- Norm Tisdale/Mark Chinavare Lab -329
4. Junior-Frank Clark/Mark Chinavare -Lab -294
5. Jesse - Dale Swiderski -Lab-277
6. Kenai- Brad Wright- LAb-264
7. Jax- Eric Montske - LAb 244
8. Blazer -Austin Bueter-Large Munsterlander-244
9. Yeager-Bruce Smiley- Lab-181
10. Abbe- Carl Ruetz- Large Munsterlander-85
11. Abby- Keith Krych- English Setter-36


1. Rooster- Dale Swiderski/Eric Montske-lab-336
2. Duke- Mark Chinavare-lab-326
3. Diesel- Chuck Oaks/DAle Swiderski-lab-326
4. Cruz- Bruce Smiley-LAb-294
5. Oliver-Eric Kwasnik-lab-246
6. Zeke-Mike GArver-LAb237
7. Rondo-Frank Fraquelli/Dale Swiderski-Lab236
8. Scout-Carl Ruetz-LArge Munsterlander-199
9. Banks-Jon Cart-Lab-166
10. Grady-Steve Strnard-lab-101

FINALS Top 4 from each Bracket

1. Rooster-Dale Swiderski/Eric Montske-LAb-326
2. Sadie-Chris Ritter/LArry Kryzinski-GSP-319
3. Nikki-Ron Wilcuts-GSP-311
4. Cruz-Bruce Smiley-LAb 291
5. Duke- MArk Chinavare-lab-266
6. Lex-Norm Tisdale/MarkChinavare-Lab-264
7. Diesel-Chuck Oaks/Dale Swiderski-lab-196
8. Junior-Frank Clark/Mark Chinavare-lab136

Thanks to every one who came and played I hope you had a a good time.