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: Winger Mate

05-03-2010, 01:05 PM
I had a chance to use this new product at the MFTA SS event in Princeton MN at the Benton Retriever grounds this past Saturday and was quite impressed. Because of help being in short supply, we needed to use my Gunners up wingers. And while the Dogtra electronics are good, the duck call was no match for the 20-30 mile an hour winds and with marks out to 200 + yds, we needed some help in getting the dogs attention. The Winger Mate was offered to use to use for the day by it's inventor who had come up to help work the event.
It works with the Dogtra reciever,(or TT I was told) to fire a popper whenever you want it. Unlike the 209 shot as the bird is launced, we were able to use the "popper shot" before launching to draw the dogs attention, then launch the bird. The shot was very easy to hear, and all of teh dogs were able to key in on the gun station. The only misfires occured due to 3 bad primers on the poppers. ( we started out with some seconds I use in training) When we only used new Unique poppers, the Winger Mates worked flawlessly. I feel this will be a great addition to anyone using remote controled launchers. Really good new product and I believe it is available at Dogs Afield, proud sponser of RTF.