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: Flooding at Middle Tennessee Grounds

Nate L
05-05-2010, 02:36 PM
The Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club’s AKC test on May 21st – May 23rd should go on as planned. The water level at the grounds is largely dependent on the level of J Percy Priest Reservoir. It is a large TVA lake constructed in the late 60’s to control flooding on the Stones River. The Stones River is a Tributary of the Cumberland and empties into it just upstream from Nashville. It is a critical part of the Corps of Engineer’s flood control plan for the Tennessee valley. The regular level of the Lake this time of year is around 490 ft above sea level. Anything above this starts to flood the trial grounds. We have run tests at a lake level of 500 ft. The last flooding issue we had at a test the lake was around 495-497 if I remember correctly. Right now the level is @ 504-505 ft and the grounds are not suitable, however……….. it is my personal opinion that the water level will be at a suitable level by the time of the AKC hunt test. The Music City HRC test scheduled for this weekend (May 7-9) could be in jeopardy. The Music City test committee is evaluating the options now and will keep everyone advised. If you are familiar with the grounds in LaVergne (Nashville) the water is about 2-3 feet deep in the pavilion headquarters right now with a lake level of 504.5 ft. At 500 ft the pavilion is dry and the water is up to the dog kennels. We will keep everyone updated as the date gets closer. Thanks, Nathan Lester (MTARC Hunt Test Chairman)



05-05-2010, 03:20 PM
The Music City HRC Hunt Test is ON for this coming weekend (May 8th and 9th).

Please follow signs for the headquarters and individual stakes, as more than likely we will be running from fields off of Jones Mill Road. As you can see by Nate's pictures, our normal headquarters pavilion is currently pretty water logged.

All partipants are encouraged to bring waders and double up so as not to rut up these fields. We have three events out here on these grounds during the next three weekends, so need everyone's cooperation in staying on marked roads and parking areas.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.