View Full Version : SRS Club Event Sponsored by Music City HRC in Nashville

05-13-2010, 12:16 AM
Even though the official closing date has come and gone, we will still accept entries on Friday, May 14th, as long as it is before the official start of the event. This club event WILL enable dogs to be qualified for the CROWN depending on the number of entries.

Please see http://srsclubs.com/schedule/MusicCity.php for more information. You will not be able to sign up via the internet, but will have to come to the headquarters and sign up there.

Though we still have high water due to the flooding from Percy Priest lake, they are lowering it and the water is dropping daily. We will not be deterred by flood waters, these are retrievers and more than likely will have some water in each test. The show must go on!

We hope you decide to run it, but please feel free to come out and spectate. Should be a fun weekend.