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: MIRRC May 1st & 2nd, 2010

BWCA Labs Margo Penke
05-15-2010, 03:34 PM
BWCA Labs Accolades: Jolor's Rejuvenator JH "Sparkle" took 1st place w/ribbon & trophy in Hunter's Special. "Sparkle" who has never failed a test to date...also has 2 senior passes. (her dob: 4/5/08) note: Sparkle was recently bred to FC AFC Four Leaf's Ice Breaker
Jolor's Pixie Blue took 1st place w/ribbon and trophy in PUPPY. "Pixie" is out of Carbons Blue Pursuit and Jolor's Sunshine Splendor (dob: 8/22/09)

BWCA Labs Margo Penke
05-15-2010, 11:58 PM
Retriever Club hosts first informal field trials of season Sat: May 1st: OPEN: 1st Place: Renny, Mark Vossbein, 2nd: Dakota Jeff Melicher, 3rd: Tech, Todd Krollman, 4th Wyatt Corky Krollman, Jam: Finn Natalie Belt. QUALIFYING: 1st place: Ace Ryan Perpich, 2nd: Maddy Karen Beil, 3rd: Sparkle Al and Margo Penke handled by Mark V. 4th: Millie Jon Perpich, Jam: TIP Jace Tramontin, Brig, Gordy Coldagelli & Jake, Angel Davis. HUNTER's SPECIAL: 1st Sparkle Al and Margo Penke handled by Vossbein, 2nd: Mac, Kirby & Patty Mirau, 3rd: Bella Steve & DeAnn Zimmer, 4th Glock, Steve & Felicia Matanich, Jam: Nikki & Jake, Angel Davis. PUPPY: 1st place: Lucy, Gary Maninga handled by Mark V., 2nd: Thyme, Mark V & Karen Beil handled by Mark V. 3d: Lucky Joe Dincau, 4th Pixie Al & Margo Penke handled by Mark V. Sunday: May 2nd: OPEN 1st place: Finn, Natalie Belt, 2nd: Brig, Gordy Coldagelli, 3rd: Banker Roger Wallner, 4th: Ozzie Joe Tonko, Jam: Kate & Renny, Mark Vossbein, Millie & Ace, Perpich, Chloe & Maggie, Roger Wallner. QUALIFYING: 1st: Tip, Jace Tramontin, 2nd: Gina, Karen Beil, 3rd: Brig, Gordy Coldgagelli, 4th: Millie Perpich, Jam: Ace, Perpich, Mac, Kirby Mirau, Maddie Karen Beil. DERBY: 1st Mack Mike Madden, 2nd: Buddy, Shane & Denise Tramontin, 3rd: Bear Steve & Deann Zimmer. HUNTER's SPECIAL: 1st place: Brig, Gordy Coldagelli, 2nd: Mac, Kirby Mirau, 3rd: Bella Steve & DeAnn Zimmer PUPPY: 1st: Pixie, Penke handled by Mark Vossbein, 2nd: Kye, Tom Briggs handled by Mark V., 3rd: Thyme, Vossbein & Beil, 4th: Lucy, Gary Maninga, handled by Mark V. Jam: Lucky, Joe Dincau, Rip, Gordy Coldagelli.