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: Memorial Day

Gerry Clinchy
05-29-2010, 08:37 AM
This is a "true" story ... not one of those internet "scams". Came from a local person in my area.

A final thought. While I was working the polls on primary day. I saw a man get out of his truck. He walked with a cane, and I could tell that he was obviously in some kind of pain each time that he took a step. He wore a Navy hat. I offered to hold the door for him as he entered the polling place, and he refused.

"Well, then sir," I stated before he went in, "I just want to thank you for your service." And I extended my hand to thank him properly. The old man stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes filled up with tears, and with a choked voice, looked and me and said "Ma'am, you are the 7th person in my 43 years of being out of the service to ever thank me. I thank you."

He continued into the polling place, and cast his vote. I was left dumbfounded. Remember to thank any service person that you see, especially on this Memorial Day. We are only free because of our men and women in uniform. And they deserve to be thanked more than seven times in 43 years.