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: Single Box w/ storage

06-19-2010, 11:10 AM
I am looking to buy a single hole box with top storage. I know some will say go with a two hole, but i rather put that money on a single box with extras. I live in S. Louisiana so my first concern is the heat. Not sure on Aluminum/SS and Insulated/Not Insulated. So if you were in my shoes what would you buy.

06-22-2010, 12:33 PM
I second the advice to call Ainley and fully discuss your needs. I live in TX and thus heat and ventilation was my concern too. I went with a single box, extra wide ventilation, and surprisingly, at the advice of Jane, kept it very basic in regards to all the bells and whistles Ainley offers. I'd suggest keeping it basic and putting the extra money into wiring a fan to evacuate the humidity from the box. When you get another dog, you can then spend your savings on all the bells and whistles for your two hole.

Anodized aluminum
SS bars and framing (+)
Extra wide bars for ventilation
3 side ventilation bars (rear of kennel) (+)
Extra bracing on bars (bracing on door bar serves as a water bucket holder)
Lockable L-handle (+)
Rubber mat (+)
custom sloping back side of kennel match angle of rear seats (+)

(+) denotes added options to standard deluxe single dog kennel