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: iPhone app for RV-ing

06-30-2010, 09:57 AM
So we are pretty new to this whole travel trailer world and of course we have like 101 questions, biggest ones being, where can we get water and find a dump station. We are planning our first big trip for this weekend. Well I was googling info about the various places we are planning to make pit stops, etc and I ran across a website "allstays" and I read on there that they had an iPhone app....well duh, why didn't I think of checking the App Store?? Anyway I downloaded their version of "Camp & RV" - they had the best reviews, too.

I just started playing with it this morning but it has already answered my question of "Can we stay at the Wal-Mart in Salida, CO?" which is going to be a pit stop for us Thursday night. I'm impressed so far with what little I have played with. Of course I know it will only be as accurate as the data in the app which can change, but overall there seems to a good effort in maintining their databases.

So I thought I would pass on the recommendation for those RVers out there.....the app costs $2.99 a little pricey but it the scheme of things $3 is cheaper than trying to pull into a non friendly gas station and getting stuck.....