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: Obongo Lied About NASA Muslim Outreach

07-14-2010, 09:50 AM
Obongo has again been caught in an out and out lie about his request for NASA to conduct a Muslim Outreach Program. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Texas Rep. Pete Olson confirm Obongo's plan for NASA to include Muslims in a future Outreach Program. Just another example of Obongo caught lying to the public after the backlash of such a stupid initiative.

Illinois Bob
07-17-2010, 05:26 PM
This "Muslim Outreach" progam may have actually helped NASA.I don't think it was part of the plan though.The President and his appointed NASA Administator have been trying very hard to get NASA out of the rocket business since last February.People have lost their jobs already because of it.It became a fight between Congress and the Whitehouse and the result was looking pretty bad for NASA and it's contractors.None of this has been in the news very much.Now since Charles Bolden "mis-spoke" on Al Jazeer it seems a compromise has finally been reached.I don't know if the Muslim Outreach comments really helped this happen but I know that it helped get people riled up and got it on the news.Now the President seems to be backing off on his NASA "vision" a little bit and now NASA might be back in the rocket business after all.Constellation is gone but at least all that has been built so far will probably not go to waste as the President wanted and what has been built can still be used to build a new rocket for the U.S.A. This is good news for NASA.