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: Let's Cut That Budget!

M&K's Retrievers
08-10-2010, 04:28 PM
According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal workers average $123,049 in 2009 including benefits vs. $61,051 for the private sector. I know in the private sector when times are bad drastic steps must be taken including layoffs and /or paycuts, Most people will take a cut rather than the alternative.

Since Federal employment is the only area of the economy that is adding jobs, put an immediate freeze on hiring, reduce all salaries to 2000 levels (those clowns in DC included) and layoff 10% across the board. I don't know how much this would save but I suspect it is considerable.

Another thing. How much did it cost to bring all those Bozos back to DC to vote on a $28B bill that will secure union votes?

Wrong side of the bed regards,

troy schwab
08-10-2010, 05:48 PM
LOL.... Im with ya...... cant stand to read the paper anymore...... Just makes me wanna puke......