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: Florida Senate Race

Gerry Clinchy
08-19-2010, 12:10 PM

Looks like Gail Collins doesn't like either of the D candidates in the FL primary.

Jeff Greene:

Greene popped up out of nowhere earlier this year, prepared to “spend what it takes” to grab the Democratic nomination in the U.S. Senate race in Florida to go to Washington and do for America what he has done for his bank account.

Kendrick Meek:

Meek’s House seat was basically deeded to him by his mother, former Representative Carrie Meek. At a rally in Miami this week, Carrie reminded the audience that her son had been a highway patrolman — “out there on the dangerous streets” — without mentioning that he had spent the bulk of his time in uniform working for the governor’s security detail.

So Meek’s candidacy is all about connections, while Greene’s is all about money. Their policies are pretty similar, so the whole fight has devolved into character assassination. This week when Greene held a “block party” in Meek’s Liberty City district, he referred to the congressman dismissively as “a perfectly nice fellow.” This was quite a step up from his most recent TV ads. (“Kendrick Meek: Corrupt.”)