View Full Version : Duckhill British-Style Field Trial - Oct 23 - Somerville TN

09-28-2010, 08:09 AM
Duckhill British-Style field trial will be held Oct 23 at Duckhill Kennels, Somerville TN.
Entry fee: $75 - send to

Robert Milner
Duckhill Kennels
350 Bailey Morrison Drive
Somerville TN 38068

All retrieves will be of shot flyers (ducks, pheasants, pigeons)
Maximum of 12 dogs; no more than 2 dogs per handler

Preceding the trial on Oct 19,20,21 will be a 3-day seminar by Robert Milner and Robin Watson. Robin is a prominent gundog trainer in the UK. He is an "A" panel judge and has made several FTCH's

Oct 22 there will be a practice trial, followed by a dinner at the Retriever Hall of Fame at Grand Juntion TN.

For more info contact www.duckhillkennels.com