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david gibson
11-14-2010, 08:50 AM

a few gems:

" There could have been no Obama without Bush, and only Obama's stumbles could have made Bush look good again so quickly. "

"Did he order the waterboarding of terrorist suspects? "Damn right."

Did he ever have doubts about pre-war intelligence on Iraq? "I really didn't." Boring of Mr Nuance, Americans lapped it up.

"Whereas Obama was glum, wondering aloud whether 9.6 per cent unemployment might be "the new normal why? because if he is unable to fix it, then it is meant to be?? really?"" and griping that as US president "you're held responsible for everything but you don't always have control of everything", I still cant believe he actually said that - "so i can blame bush for everything, but what i cant blame on bush still isnt my fault"
what fools he tries to make of us. anyone who cant see thru this guy by now is really a fool. blames everything on everyone else, pointing fingers, then tries to make us believe that if he cant fix it then it is unfixable. oh sure, he will make a statement here or there that "i am responsible", "its my job to do this or that " etc etc, but then he wipes it all out with comments like "i didnt cummunicate my message" - meaning his message is above the puny human understanding of us mere mortals.

after all, he is still "the annointed one", isnt he?

the contrast between 43 and 44 is astounding in terms of honesty and class.

this presidency is a nightmare.

11-14-2010, 09:00 AM
I thought he who's name shall not be mentioned here wasn't president anymore. Can't stop thinking about how unfair life is for him though can you David?

david gibson
11-14-2010, 09:19 AM
I thought he who's name shall not be mentioned here wasn't president anymore. Can't stop thinking about how unfair life is for him though can you David?

nice try - weak, but thats expected.

are you really so naive as to think this post is about bush? its about The Apologist, see the title? and since The Apologist and all of you blame everything on bush, he gets mentioned too, since that is on who The Apologist blames everything that he has failed to fix 2 yrs after the fact. The Apologist points his fingers, then when he fails, he points again.

you really need a refresher in reading comprehension.

now, if you want to attempt a reply with substance, please stick to the subject. even if its only an ill fated attempt to defend The Apologist.

Can't stop thinking about how unfair it is that The Apologist has failed as the Messiah and Annointed One can you Buzzy?/
its ok, i know how you feel. the longhorns havent lost as many home games in a row since the year i was born, 1956. it would be one thing if they started the season ranked 20 or 23, but to be # 4 or so and then be shown to be complete pretenders wearing no clothes really hurts.

just like obama - came in ranked #1, and now he is relegated to the bilges of presidential history. that must smart!

11-14-2010, 09:22 AM
Here is an article titled:

American Narcissus

The vanity of Barack Obama