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: how to get out of a TSA pat down

Juli H
11-27-2010, 01:18 AM

I'm thinking the next time I go to the airport I put on a swim suit under my clothes, just in case I have to go through 'the pat-down'.

Not. :)

Still, gotta give it to Sam for trying. I'm sure the TSA is currently trying to figure out how to keep similar scenarios from happening over this holiday season....


11-27-2010, 09:55 AM
I've already told hubby that when we head tropical this winter I'm just going thru in my bathing suit. TSA will know I have nothing to hide and I won't have to change from winter clothes to Summer clothes in the arriving airport or on the plane. I'll just toss my coat in the bin to go thru the hand luggage screen.

11-27-2010, 10:25 AM
Google TSA and Speedo. It's been done. Don't know if the guy got arrested. It honks them off actually.

From a more practical standpoint, there are things I believe a woman should do (this is based on my experience.) What follows is not genteel... but neither is what is happening to women in the TSA check points. I'm suggesting this for women who KNOW they are going to be patted down. This includes anyone with a joint replacement that will set off the metal detectors.

1. You don't want their hands inside your shirt and down in your pants. My suggestion is to wear some sort of jumpsuit or leotard that doesn't have a waistband.

2. Don't wear any pants that sit on your hips.

This is because they DO jam their hands into the waistband and with some trousers, that puts their fingers in your pubic hair. (I'm sorry to be crude... but this whole situation is grotesque.) A one-peice is best... then there is no waistband at all.

3. Do not wear any blouse or shirt that shows any skin on your chest... no matter how modest. They will have their fingers in your cleavage. Highly recommend a turtle neck.

4. They are going to mash on your breasts and sweep their hands down with enough force to pull your bra right off and down to your waist (if you have elastic straps). I believe this is the point, so that anything hidden in the bra will be exposed... including of course, the breast and aureola. I would highly recommend that you wear a compression bra of the sort that female athletes use. Last time I flew, I had on three of them. There were no breasts for them to disturb.

5. If you don't want them to (forcefully and painfully) mash the edge of their hands against your labia I would suggest you wear a maxi-pad... or two. The alternative is bicycle shorts with a thick sewn-in pad.

6. If you're traveling in the summer, this could be a lot of layers of clothes. You can have a change of clothes in your carry-on and change after you're thru security.

This may sound extreme, but my pat down felt like I was being stripped and beaten up all at the same time.

david gibson
11-27-2010, 10:46 AM
i would think too much padding would make therm suspect as well and trigger a strip search. and i didnt realize they actually touched your labia, i thought they stopped short of that and breasts. that truly is groping/molestation. i would be livid as well.

i am a freq. flyer but have not had an enhanced pat down, even when i refused the first scanner i encountered, it was pretty benign. if my junk is ever actually touched i wonder what they would do if i said "hey! if you have to do that can i have that cute female TSA agent over there?" or "whoa dude do i get dinner too?" could be fun to embarrass them, but could also cause a missed flight or cooler head will likely prevail, but its fun to think of beating them at their own game ;-)

david gibson
11-27-2010, 11:13 AM
something else to consider:

now THIS i will do - the next time i am patted down i am going to insist on a fresh change of gloves. i think we are all well within our rights for that.

11-27-2010, 11:29 AM
something else to consider:

now THIS i will do - the next time i am patted down i am going to insist on a fresh change of gloves. i think we are all well within our rights for that.

Thanks for this reference. I have heard about the bedbug infestations in major cities that are particularly prevalent in upscale hotels, like in Manhattan and Chicago. Authorities are quite sure the bugs are being brought to each new facility by travelers.

So, I'm getting on a plane after some businessman whose just been overnight at the Ritz Carleton, he has bedbugs in his clothes and TSA doesn't change gloves before they grope me.


But, I would suggest, in addition to fresh gloves, I would want to see that the agents are in short sleeves. Preferably using alcohol foam/gel on hands and forearms before they touch me.

AND... don't ANYone write in and tell me this is too much or that it will hurt TSA agent's skin. This is EXACTLY what I've had to do every time I go into a patient's room and then out of a patient's room on my 12 hour shifts, as well as before I draw up medicines or prepare to do any procedure. I have had to disinfect/wash AND put on clean gloves ALL day long.

There are products that have alcohol and a lotion substance in it and skin holds up pretty well.