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: Stimulus Funds for the Chinese?

Gerry Clinchy
12-09-2010, 02:00 PM

WASHINGTON ó Top Democratic fundraisers and lobbyists with links to the White House are behind a proposed wind farm in Texas that stands to get $450 million in stimulus money, even though a Chinese company would operate the farm and its turbines would be built in China.

The farmís backers also have close ties with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who, at the height of his hard-fought re-election bid this fall, helped blunt congressional criticism over stimulus dollars possibly going to create jobs in China by endorsing a proposal by the Chinese company to build a factory in his home state. Although his campaign received thousands of dollars in donations from the wind farmís backers and Reid stood on stage with them at a campaign event they hosted, his office declined to answer any questions about the wind farmís organizers or their plans for Nevada.

[Could Angle really have been any worse than this guy?]

The clock is ticking for Spinning Star: To claim the stimulus grant it must arrange its financing and begin work on the wind farm by Dec. 31. Besides the $450 million stimulus grant, A-Powerís SEC filings indicate the joint-venture also will pursue a Department of Energy-backed loan guarantee. According to the SEC filings, the project is waiting to hear if it will receive the loan guarantee before financing will follow to build the turbines.

Individuals involved in this joint venture:

All told, these four and their spouses have given more than $1.8 million in campaign donations since 1990, with McGarr and his wife accounting for more than half of that.

There is quite a bit more detail in the relationships between the parties in the deal. They even got the USW to get on board.

12-09-2010, 02:13 PM
Sure am glad we got 'Whorehouse Harry" back in office instead of that "nut" Angle. :rolleyes: