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road kill
01-05-2011, 07:57 AM
I visit another website (concerning another of my "obsession" issues) and this is the standard;

The Twelve Rules
An important word about "infractions"... If you break one of "The Twelve Rules",
you will open yourself up to receiving an infraction. Think of these like points
on your driver's license. You accumulate enough infractions in a certain period
of time, and you will earn yourself an "automatic" ban. Some of the more serious
infractions will result in immediate bans. Aside from these infractions, The
Watchmen have the right to ban whenever they want, as they see fit... So pay
attention to the rules. One last point--if you, as a member, see a problem post
from another member, "flag it" and bring it to the attention of The Henchmen or
The Watchmen. To do this, just click on the image under the member's name that
looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. We'll take care of the
rest. So, here are the rules. Read 'em. Internalize 'em...

1) Your Membership Dues...
The cost of membership in this place ain't free, make no mistake about it
brothers. It'll cost ya. Your payment will come in the form of Responsibility
and payment will be due each and every time you sign in. First, you have a
responsibility to yourself to reach your goals. Second, you have a
responsibility to your fellow members. Last but not least, you have a
responsibility to this place. When you see a member out of line, we're all
responsible for showing him the error of his ways. Likewise, when you see a
member down out out, we all share a responsibility in picking him up, dusting
him off and pointing him in the right direction. This, do not forget--this is
not just any forum. It is The Forvm. It is home. So be respectful. Be useful.
Show humility. We got nothing to prove to one another, just ourselves.

2) Leave Your Ego At The Door ...
ILS... ELS... Lifters cheating with more weight than they can rightly handle...
We've all seen it out there. Hubris? Insecurity? Who knows why and who fucking
cares. It's not our place to judge. Live and let live. In here, we don't need
any of that. We don't need the egos or the attitudes... We don't need to hear
how you're better than everyone else in your gym, how you're more hardcore.
There is always someone bigger and stronger than you... In here, we expect
humility and respect... We expect an atmosphere of support and positive
thinking. In here, the underdog will have his day. Cuz in the end, the only
person that matters, the only one you need to impress, is the one looking back
at you in the mirror.

3) A Few Words On Intolerance...
Let this ring loud and clear... We will not tolerate hate, bigotry, racism or
discrimination. We will not take personal attacks, threats, or insults lightly.
Those who engage in this kind of behavior--in posts, PMs, emails, or
wherever--will be shown the door, no questions asked. We are all equals here, so
we will insist on mutual respect. This is the glue that will keep this place

4) On Talking Shit & Airing Dirty Laundry...
Life is full of discord. In this game too, there's a lot that stands between you
and your destiny. To move mountains, we need dynamite. But let's leave the TNT
for busting up rock and iron. In here, we don't want short fuses or hot tempers.
So you got a beef with someone's ideas or posts? Good. We like that. But debate
the merits of the argument. Discuss the issues that are presented--respectfully
and with civility. That's what we expect. We want members talking up the issues,
not talking down other members. If you can't do that or don't know the
difference between the member and his arguments, then move on. As the saying
goes, if you got nothing good to say, don't say it. Don't talk shit. Nobody
wants to see that. This ain't elementary school. If you have to, take it to PMs
and resolve it peacefully, mano a mano. If you still can't, then you take it up
with a Henchman, or if that doesn't work, a Watchman. Under no circumstances
will we tolerate the bullshit found elsewhere. Transgressions may result in
bans. So act like adults, not children. Respect, cooperation--these are the
cornerstones of this place. Do not forget that you are a member of The Forvm,
and counted among The Legion... Therefore, we fully expect you to stand tall and
rise above the mud and muck. Handle the problem, in private. If you can't, we'll
handle it for you...

5) Trolls, Spammers & Other Bullshit...
Trolling and spamming are two behaviors that we will not accept. Not only does
it take up bandwidth (see Rule #6), but it undermines the community here. Also,
this forum doesn't exist so that you can promote your own enterprise,
commercial, non-profit or otherwise, in posts, PMs or in signatures–no matter
how great or how charitable. We allow this then everyone'll want to do it. So if
we see that, we'll shut threads down, delete them, and consider automatic bans.
Keep in mind this is not a "public" forum but a private one owned and operated
by Animal. Finally, you are allowed one member name. If two are discovered for
the same individual, appropriate punishment will be meted out. Offenders will be
given an automatic ban.

6) Expressing Yourself...
Shit, we all got something to say... We all want to get our points across. How?
Through the "clever" use of emoticons? Yeah, right... By using an image as a
"witty" or "humorous" response to a post? Fuck that... Here, there are only two
ways to express yourself. First and foremost, through well-reasoned and informed
posts. Second, through your signature. If you elect to use a "sig", use it
wisely. Use it to express yourself, to share a vital insight into your your
philosophy, to point to your training log here in the F O R V M. Sigs are most
certainly not for posting links to other sites, commercial or otherwise. This is
a bodybuilding site run by Animal. It's not for you to promote your personal
"agenda" whatever that might be. You also won't be allowed to post in color,
make fancy pictures out of words, or promote anything other than
yourself--unless you have specific, express permission from Management. Break
these rules, and your sig will be automatically removed or modified. Bottom
line, wanna make a name for yourself here? Get your weight and stats up and be a
solid member.

7) Sucking Up Bandwidth...
We wanna run this forum lean and mean. Translation? No fluff. No bullshit. This
means no stupid, off topic pictures, irrelevant threads, inappropriate graphics,
or attachments. No avatars either, save for a select few. Save our bandwidth for
relevant physique and lifting-related posts, threads, pics and such... Cuz if
you don't we're taking that shit down and handing out infractions. There is one
off topic (OT) thread. If you must, use it.

8) Off Topics & Off Limits...
We all come from different backgrounds. From all walks of life… Race, creed,
color, nationality, economic background. What brings us together is our love of
the lifestyle and the fact that we all have committed our lives, in varying
degrees, to the call of iron. This is a place to unify, to come together, to
learn and to grow as a community. There are divisive issues in this world, no
doubt about that, and many of us have very strong opinions. But those opinions
have no place here and very little relevance. We here at believe
that it is good to feel strongly about these type of issues... However, matters
of religion, politics, discussions about sex or lifestyles, and talk of drugs
are officially off limits.

9) Conflicts of Interest...
The Forvm is a forum run by the brothers at, a website dedicated
to all things Animal. Animal is more than a lifestyle... It is a way of life, a
relentless pursuit of iron. Yet Animal also represents a line of supplements--a
solid fucking one at that. So understand that the "Packs" section will be
devoted exclusively to Animal supplements. Now if you wanna talk about other
supplements in general, post in the "Supplements 101" sub-section. But like we
said before, this is a forum run by Animal. So we do not want to see the
promotion of our competitors or their products. You can talk about supplements
generally (creatine, whey protein, NO products), but not by specific name. We
don't want this community filled up with reps or shills for other companies
promoting their wares. At the same time, we will not condone the bashing of
other companies, stores, or anything related to this industry. There will be no
condescension, no talking down or berating. Treat all members with the utmost
respect. Do not undermine the Animal brand, the marketing that supports it or
sabotage directly or indirectly any business enterprises related to Universal
(end part 1)

road kill
01-05-2011, 07:59 AM
(Part 2)

10) Be On Point...
You're inspired... Yeah, great. But chances are, the thread you're gonna start
or the question you're about to ask has already been posted here... We also want you to pay
attention to where you're posting. When you post in the wrong section, we gotta
move that post and this will keep us from what we really want to do--contribute
here on this forum. And we don't like that. Post appropriately.

11) Be Above The Fray...
You're hardcore... Great. You're bigger than that kid training in your gym.
Super. You're stronger than anyone in the room... Fantastic. So what? There's
always gonna be someone bigger, stronger and more hardcore than you. So there's
no need for you to post your exploits about you showed someone up here. No need
to rub it in the faces of other members. We're all here to help one another
become better individuals. Be yourself. If that chip on the shoulder, that
attitude, is what defined the true Animal, then The Pros here would look down on
the rest of us with nothing but scorn and disgust... Yet they do not. They are
here and they help. They are here and they support. They are here and they are
role models for the rest of us. Being an Animal is about showing respect and
humility. We are ambassadors of this great sport and we are role models. We do
not want to become a negative bodybuilding stereotype. So, posts that ask this
kind of question, "I'm more hardcore than you because..." or "I'm more Animal
than you because..." will be locked and deleted. This place is not for chest
thumpers or bellowers. It's not for you to prove how tough you are. If someone
in your gym annoys you, ignore it. If someone here irritates you, move on.
You're better than that. It's also not the place for you to vent or whine about
how hard life is. Life is fucking hard. Yeah, so get over it. Complaining ain't
gonna get you anywhere. If you want to vent, do it elsewhere, or take it to PMs,
but don't clutter up the Forvm with it.

12) Debating vs. Arguing
As many of you know from your time here, the Forvm is unlike any other. It's a
supportive community of like-minded lifters who are serious about achieving
their goals. But a community is not strong when dissenting opinions are stifled.
We are individuals and we all bring a unique perspective to the table. We all
want lively discussions as well as a passionate exchange of ideas. That said, we
believe there's a right way and a wrong way to express opinions. You can present
your ideas in a forceful, well-thought, and persuasive way, and back them up
without insulting others. When done respectfully and rationally--like
adults--it's "debating". This is what we encourage and like to see here. Arguing
is when you start slinging insults and resort to name calling. When discussion
devolves into schoolyard bickering. This is something that's best left for
children. This is the F O R V M, not the playground. We want intelligent,
rational debates. We don't want petty arguments or posts where members are in it
just for the sake of winning. It ain't a pissing contest. Win, lose, who the
fuck cares? It's all about furthering our knowledge and understanding, and not
about ego. Realizing the difference between "debating" and "arguing" is what
will set us apart from the rest and make the Forvm stronger."

__________________________________________________ _____________

On that site, these are obeyed with out a moderator.
I am not claiming I do that 100% of the time here.
Wish I did though.:cool:

I am just sayin'.......

stan b

Ken Bora
01-05-2011, 09:58 AM
If RTF used those I would have ben given the boot years ago.
Some are very nice and we should all try to follow. Some would take away what RTF and more to point what RTF POTUS is.

and I would have never expected such deep thought from weight lifters.
The "call to iron"....... I think of Hans and Frans from SNL :D


road kill
01-05-2011, 10:03 AM
If RTF used those I would have ben given the boot years ago.
Some are very nice and we should all try to follow. Some would take away what RTF and more to point what RTF POTUS is.

and I would have never expected such deep thought from weight lifters.
The "call to iron"....... I think of Hans and Frans from SNL :D

I have met a few of those guys, pretty dedicated bunch.
Pretty hard core.

But then, most dog people are as well.
A lot of similarities.......


david gibson
01-05-2011, 10:11 AM
so what would happen if you got FOADed? would the FOADer get an infraction?

01-05-2011, 10:49 AM
Sounds boring...

...and a little communist...;)

01-05-2011, 10:55 AM
I think enforcing #7 would take away much of the fun here on RTF.
Seen some pretty darn funny pictures and avatars i'd hate to have missed!

My apologies to Gibson for FOADing him. I'll open the round with the first infraction. It was a calculated foul! :D

david gibson
01-05-2011, 11:02 AM
I think enforcing #7 would take away much of the fun here on RTF.
Seen some pretty darn funny pictures and avatars i'd hate to have missed!

My apologies to Gibson for FOADing him. I'll open the round with the first infraction. It was a calculated foul! :D

no apology necessary - thanks for FOADing me! it made my day - i will wear it like a badge of honor!